Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Healthy Snacks Subscription by post plus tips for weight loss or gain

There are so many different subscription services available now. 
I remember when there was only monthly magazines or monthly book subscriptions, does anyone remember mango.com ?? I used to get monthly chick lit from them but they and all other book subscription services seem to have shut down, except for a childrens book service I found.

 Im also down for a couple of beauty boxes which I will blog about separately if you would like me to I  will share the contents of my jolie box and glossy box feel free to comment below. 
anyhow back to the subject of this post. 

I had heard about graze boxes through a magazine insert, I was interested but it took me months to finally try the service. 

I placed my order on the weekend and my grazebox arrived this morning thats amazing considering you have to wait months in advance for beauty boxes. 

What is Graze Box ?? 
Graze box is a food or snack subscription available in the uk 
you can order a one off box, or once weekly, or once fortnightly or even a daily box.
The boxes are delivered through royal mail and come in letter box friendly packages.
you do have to supply your credit/debit card details to try the service but there is an option to try for free (see below) and also you can really control how many boxes you get and cancel when you want theres no minimum term etc. Each box costs £3.79 which includes the P&P and consists of four food punnets.

Whats in a Graze box??
First of all theres a choice of two options 'the nibble box' or the healthier lower calorie box. You can get four individually packaged snacks, inside of each box will contain either crackers, dippers, flapjack, cake and complimentary tea, bread, dried fruits, nuts or a combination of these. 
there are about 100 different choices of snack packs, The first thing I did was to go through the entire menu and rated each item so that Im more like likely to get only the items I like or would like to try, there are five options for rating: Bin, Try, Like, Love, and following love you can click on send often. 

In my first box:
Fruit and nut case - a combo of chocolate buttons, dried fruits and nuts. 170kcal
Lightly toasted pistachios - self explanatory 192kcal
Korai chutney - curry flavour crackers with sweet spicy chutney 69kcal
Apple and cinnamon flapjack -self explanatory 237kcal

Each box comes with a card explaining the food nutrition and calories within each food and the expiry date etc.
So far I have been so impressed with the contents that ive upgraded to two box deliveries per week.

Who is the graze box for ??

I think the grazebox could be for anyone make or female but some scenarios I can think of are -

professional peoples in busy jobs, I would love to have one of these cute boxes tucked in to my drawers at the office, as a busyI.T manager I often worked through my breaks and literally starved myself on days where I didnt have time to pack food or the canteen and deli were shut.

Busy or at home Mums, The house always has an abundance of food, the kids love their snacks, which are an easy option for pack lunches since any healthy items in the pack lunch boxes are returned home at the end of the day, its very tempting to eat crisps and chocolates as you are rushing around sorting everyone out, and often end up neglecting yourself at meal times because your soo busy looking after everyone else, ohh and husbands and children rarely appreciate the lighter low fat options in meals its usually fried, buttery and meaty, Although i try to keep these items minimal the point is its always there whereas any mum trying to lose weight tends to try and abstain altogether!

Students,  im now studying a law degree and as a busy student I often find that during intensive study times Im not eating well if at all and im literally starving at interals and refuel by living off of coffee and crisps or chocolates or cookies, It might only be abit that I have but its no nutritional value at all!

Overweight people stop buying all the junk and choose the healthier option box to munch on instead of crisps and chocolates, at only a few pounds per box two boxes will provide you  enough snacks to have onesnack or treat  a day as part of a low fat, low sugar calorie controlled diet, make sure its a healthy balanced diet, maybe porridge for breakfas, a sandwich for lunch with salad, and a big meal containing lots of fresh veggies and small portion of carbs and/or white meat or other form of protein and atleast a litre of water on top of any other drinks your having.
these are great for on the go to so you wont be tempted to buy chocolates.

Underweight people I think that one or two boxes of the nibble boxes a week as an additional supplement to your existing diet could really help you add some extra calories to your daily diet without relying on bad for you snacks such as crisps and chocolates which should only be eated in moderation due to the lack of nutritional value in these food types, a nibble punnet plus a carton of yghurt and some fruit juice could really help to put on some weight.

Im not a professionally qualified nutritionist, im just someone who has researched health and beauty as a whole, alot! 

I hope this post was helpful to you all 
and explained why there has been a lack of posts on my behalf (which I have sneakily sneaked in.)

If you would like to try this service for free I have a voucher code that will Allow my friends and family to try this for free so naturally i had to share this with all of you.

to try your first graze box for free use code: LV2L95JD
(I dont know how long this offer remains open)

or goto Graze

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