Saturday, 27 February 2010

Maybelline moisture extreme and naked beige lipstick

Maybelline moisture extreme lipsticks
and new Naked beige shades

no742 luminous beige, no721 pinky beige, 725 baby brown

These are really pretty true nude lipsticks, OMG so pretty and luxurious to compete with more expensive brands, Im really impressed.
They go on smoothly with just enough colour and no need for gloss on top , each one of these 3 shades would go with any look

true nude lip colour is when you match the shade of the product to the shade of your lips regardless of what may be called nude these days.
so pinky beige will be your true nude if your lips are naturally pink and luminous beige if your lips are more neutral brown and baby brown is the perfect blend of the 2.
the red lipstick case reminds me of clarins lipsticks.

any of these shades are perfect for your handbag for everyday use I initially bought these when baby damaged 2 of my favourite bobbi brown lipsticks in beige and brown (review coming soon)
so I am carrying these now in place of those 2 lipsticks

Barry M lip paints

Barry M lip-paints

Im a huge fan of Barry M dazzle dusts
and as I have tried the nail paints I decided its time to try some lip paints too

The whiter colour is no 101 and i think its called marshmallow and the nude-ish browny colour is no 136 and its called golden bronze

Marshmallow no 101 is very dramatic if used as a lipstick as it will wipe off your lips
its much better used as a primer or lip-erase type of product.
Its kind of like a lip concealer.

golden bronze no 136 is a really pretty sheer lipstick with some shimmer and sheen.

Colour sensational lipstick

Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks

Top- 535 ruby red, 165 pink hurricane
Bottom- 240 galactic mauve, 730 golden brown
the lipsticks are available in different finishes, Im very partial to sheer lipsticks as they are mistake proof, and more flattering on me as I have already voluptuous lips.
the red has a more fuller colour and a slight glitter in it even though overall it is matte.

I would definitely take these on holidays, long or short as I would not be too upset if I lost them and due to the packaging you can grab the right lipstick quickly due to the colour of the case

Im not sure who followed who, but the cases are a very similar style to that of thelatest Lancome lipstick range.

The first post I did on this was not very good (I have left it up) as the pictures were taken with my iphone and the colours did not show up.

Maybelline promise better pigment in this collection of 26 lipsticks which is divided into 4 groups.
please see info from previous post.

YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick no 26

Rouge Volupte in no 26 Tender Peach

True peach shade

Texture is quite drying and will emphasise dry lips
the shade also comes out chalky

The lipstick has a mini mirror in the lid

the base has the shade colour not the name

I think it was somewhere over £21

Cute Diamond huggy earrings

I rarely wear small earrings unless theres something special about them.
these comfy little diamond earrings sit on your earlobes so elegantly.
and are a smart alternative to the huge gold hoop earrings I wear for everyday.

if you like these but cant afford real diamonds or you dont like gold
Claires accessories does a similar pair in sterling silver for about £5-£10 :)

L'oreal Telescopic explosion mascara

Im usually quite a fan of loreal products as they are good prodocts at a good price.

Super super super disappointed with this mascara

It was a thick consistency

it irritated my eyes

it did not lengthen or thicken my lashes

it just gave me clumpy lashes

it was not even black as stated on the packaging it was a horrid grey colour.

made me feel like I had grey granny lashes -lol

I did take it back to the superdrug that i had bought it from as i thought it must be faulty to be that nasty and as I had reacted to it. but the manager refused to take it back, he said that as i was the one with the problem I should take it up directly with L'oreal.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Mini bath collection

I love molton browns bath products and I use them regularly

Theyre about £18-£20 for 300ml bottle which is expensive but 1 capful is enough for one bath or shower
There are times when I like to use 2-3 capfuls, the fragrance is very potent so your bath can fragrance the whole house (almost)

Ill do another post on my faves soon.

Ultimate Indulgace Collection

Bare escentuals Ultimate indulgance collection

A mini collection of pure mineral products from blushes, to face minerals to eyeshadows

They are all teeny sizes so hopefully I will be able to use up atleast one of these

Heres a description of each item

enjoy x

Mac in lillyland spree

Mac in lillyland Collection, my thoughts and my chosen purchases.

I really wanted this powder because I thought the powder would be really flexible due to being four wearable colours. and would be an easy bronzer when blended, it blends to a brassy brown - not so pretty!

I was hoping this to be super sparkly, but it was not as sparkly as I expected it to be, and the glitter was silver which was not as pretty as it could have been if it was pink or gold.

I love love love these creme blushes, theyre more pigmented than the regular ones from MAC and have more staying power and are not sticky, they are alot like the old clinique creme blush in texture.

This is the worst MAC nail polish i have ever used, if the first one I bought had been anything like this I would never have repurchased and I would have thrown the formula in the bin and used the container as part of back to MAC to exchange it for a lipstick.
This nail polish actually goes on streaky, I saw this on someones blog and thought they were messy, nut I had the same problem, I had to wear 3 layers to make it look decent, the colour is very pretty and I got compliments from many people including the girl on the Chanel counter.

My purchase from this collection I wanted all of the blushes but as it was an online exclusive these sold out like hot-cakes.
I still want joie-de-vivre and the so sweet so easy.

New formula creme-blend blush
Glittery lip glosses -generous 15ml
The complete collection
The promo picture for the collection

Garnier pure active spot roll-on


Im actually liking these products right now

So although I have dry skin occasionally I come out with an ugly spot I get between 1-10 spots a year.
But this time around I came out with 2 stubborn spots that refused to die.
I tried several products.
Including Clearsils spot pen which promises to kill a spot in 24 hours
this time it did not work.
neither did superdrugs tea tree spot stick
or boots blemish gel

so on a trip to boots entirely dedicated to researching every spot product on the shelves
I found the garnier pure active roll on and decided to give it ago
I applied it in the same way that I was using the other products
(regularly re-applying every 1-2 hours)
yes this is more than recommended but it actually worked the spots had almost disappeared by the next day.

So I definitely recommend this for anyone with spots even if you have 10-20 please treat each spot individually rather than using something harsh on the delicate skin surrounding spots you are actually spreading the bacteria and aggravating your skin to produce more spots.

Because I have always taken such good care of my skin I did not have an issue with spots even as a teenager.

Garnier Caffeine Roll-on use

I have used this product for quite a while, mostly for its cooling properties whilst using a VDU.
When you use it the rollerball may be dry, which means it can catch crepey and mature skin so you must roll it on your hand abit just to activate the solution to lubricate the rollerball to stop the ball from catching any skin in it.

my problem with the rollerball was that as a major makeup wearer I was worried that I was contaminating the solution with all the makeup from my face
(concealer, foundation, powder -ya know!)

I was sooo glad when I found out that they were coming out with a tinted version as the formula is already coloured, It is available in just 2 colours I am the lightest (Im a mac nc25) but I still wish they did a 3rd much darker colour as the current dark colour only goes upto a mac nc40-ish.

I definitely recommend the clear one as a carry around for anyone male or female who works awkward shifts, or has long working days, little sleep or works with a VDU. DEFINITELY SUITABLE FOR MEN even if its only for the cooling properties, the product and packaging is unisex.

I cant comment about whether it lightens dark circles as I usually use this product in conjunction with other products and I have a tendency to rotate my products

My favourite ELF Product -the Candy Shop Lip gloss

My favourite ELF product is definitely this Candy Shop Lip Gloss
In Cherry Bomb - Surprise surprise!

Its a glossy red balm, and quite yummy -not the yummiest, but quite yummy!

Its only £1.50 from

if you like Vaseline lip therapy in rosy lips you'll love this
-I obviously love them both!

this is also a cheaper version of Benefit benetint lip balm spf15

but I dont think it has any spf.

Have you tried any of the other flavours, which is your fave?

or do you use something from another brand? -Id love to know just comment below.

Swarovski Earrings

FYI -about me !

My main jewellery item that I have always loved is Earrings, I dont care if I dont wear any othe jewellery other than a pretty watch and Earrings.

The bigger the better!

I even wore large sterling silver hoops to school even though it wasnt allowed I got away with wearing them.

I purchased these from the Swarovski Shop at the mall, I have so many things with Swarovski because Im like an eagle with an eye for all that glitters -lol!. But, amazingly I have never bought anything directly from the shop before.

The earring were about £80 and are gold plated, apart from the post which is a nickel free material, I have sensitive ears which means I cannot wear fashion jewellery (even nickel free) for more than a few hours.
I liked the girl who served me she was really friendly and told me about the earrings, how the stones start off dark at one end and end up white at the other end etc
and that the products come with a warranty so I decided to try the earrings.

However to my horror one of the earrings lost stones the first time I wore them, I took them back to the shop the very next day and another woman refused me a refund as they had more of the same design in stock. She was a complete moody cow and put me off of ever buying from there again.

Im a little scared to wear them now :(

Girls must haves

Betula Flip Flops by Birkenstock
These are bestt for after bath and shower as they are made of rubber which makes them the most hygienic choice and are easily washable. The writing did not last more than a week though.

Duplo disposable razors by Wilkinsons sword
These are amazingly sharp and give you a close and clean shve even on thicker and coarser hair.
They cost about £4 for 10 razors wghich I feel is really cheap, you can easily use each one about 5 times so one razor could easily last you a week if used daily. Also they are pretty pink so hopefully this will put off the thieving men we live with (lol)

Bodyform Sanitary towels
These are available in so many different variaties from day and night, with and without wings, and also different absorbancies, and fragranced and un-fragranced, I think this is the best all rounder pack of towels, I dont want to have to go through ten different packs these are fine for me. Definitely do not leave for more than four hours. ( I hope this helps those of you who get confused by all of the choices available especially the new teens)

Sure Girl Deodorant body spray
Obviously there is no substitute to regular bathing but additional freshness and fragrance is very uplifting. I have tried this brand for the first time I was in a very girly pink mood.
I usually go for Soft and Gentle in fresh linen, it is great for sensitive skin and can be used after waxing and epilation -ALWAYS PATCH TEST ALL PRODUCTS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.

Imperial Leather Little Treats Shower Creme in Cherry blossom and Vanilla bean
Another first try, I was interested by the flavour/fragrance (I love all things cherry including cherry blossom) when I smelt this it was the sweetest cherry blossom fragrance so I had to get this, I normally use, Philosophy, Molton brown , L'occitane, Clarins, Decleor and lush for 90% of my bathing. But I decided that I wanted to try more easily available high street products.

A must have for every purse

I found these in Somerfield/Co-op whilst doing a quick grocery dash.

So cute, pretty, functional and cheap at less than a pound a piece.

these slide open to reveal a mirror and a slot to release tiny little mints.

The mints are sugar free and super minty.

I felt I should include these in my beauty blog because the mints are actually breath freshening and provide a small travel mirror for minor makeup touch ups or in my case

teeny tiny particles blowing in the wind that agitate my sensitive eyes.

Avene Eau thermale and Roc skincare review

So you all know that I am 'The Dry Skin Diva'
My skin is sooooo sensitive.
I will share my opinion and thoughts on all of the products I use to maintain healthy skin.

I first used these products whilst having a majorly sensitised skin.
I purchased these products from Boots.

Each product retails at between £10-£15 pounds

The products are -
-Avene Eau Thermale extremely gentle cleanser
no rinse tissue off formula, can be used on all skin types -even on the most red sensitised and irritated or spotty skin, dry or oily skin.

-Avene Eau Thermale spring water soothing serum for sensitive skin
this costs about £15 and is so soothing and cooling and hydrating on the skin I even use this when my skin is not sensitised, this can even be used in place of moisturiser for additional hydration for example if you are using a 3 in 1 product on your face ie a tinted moisturiser with spf. I use between 1 to 3 pumps, 1 at a time until my skin feels quenched.

you can use the matching Avene eau thermale moisturiser which comes in different concentrations for different skin types and has an SPF.

But as I had a £5 voucher for ROC I tried a similar moisturiser which also comes in different intensities for different skin types

ROC Hydra + Bio Active anti oxidant Bio moisturising cream spf15 -dry skin option
I have seen alot of advertising for this product so I was glad to try it out, I definitely like this, it comes in a hygienic tube so If your problem is bacterial spots you wont contaminate the rest of the formula. its a nice consistency and smells nice and it is definitely moisturising and soothing. again Im happy to use this even when Im not sensitised.

I also used the following three products

Avene eau thermale spf50 face sunblock
Avene childrens sunblock spray
Avene eau thermale facial spritz

all were fine however I noted that I had to apply the baby sunblock 10 times in a three hour drive and I still got really tanned, but this is good as I have such sensitive skin I dont tan naturally I burn so badly I get all red and crusty ewwwwww

Nail Paints by Barry M

If you like to play with nail colour definitely check these out.
at about £3 for a 10ml bottle
application is quite straight forward with a decent quality brush
the formula is fab -nice thick colour that does not streak when applied with some care.
available in a huge range of colours.
takes about as long to dry as other high end brands such as OPI and Nails inc
(maybe one day I will share my collection with you?)
Available on the high street at Boots and Superdrug
and on their own website (just google barrym)

I was in the mood to play with glitter and deep metallic colours so I thought it better to purchase BarryM nail paints rather than OPI or Nails inc as I knew these are not everyday colour.
I just wanted to have abit of fun.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I would like to thank the beautiful Zerin for tagging me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.
checkout her fab blog @

1.Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Paste the award on your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you for the award
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5. Nominate 7 bloggers or less
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1) I started wearing light makeup from age 15 just liquid eyeliner and tinted Lip balm, I have always been a tomboy and was not interested in makeup myself. However I found that I was able to create amazing results on other girls.

2) I used to be really good at performing -I took part in school plays, I played a few instruments at beginner level, and was in the school choir which had an annual christmas concert at the famous colston hall, and I also was the schools Choreographer and lead dancer for one of the schools dance teams.

3) I have always had an interest in Health and I have self taught myself alot about Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Skincare, Pregnancy, etc -the Human body is AMAZING! I was really good at Biology at school and I saw myself as a future Doctor. (Ive put this dream on hold due to settling at a young age)

4) I feel really strongly about children. I wish I could adopt a million children, I get seriously upset when I hear about abused children, or children that are deprived due to natural disasters.

5) I am really creative and this comes out in all that I do from interior decorating, to Baking and ofcourse MakeUp. I like to put my own twist on everything that I do. I even design and make my own designer garments (time allowing). I also do professional MakeUp artistry by the name of 'Beauty by Shaz'

6) I am the Yummy Mummy of 3 kids who keep me busy for about 20 hours a day and I sleep the other 4 hours

7) I love technology and was previously working as a manger in the field of techcology communications, and Im an absolute geek when it comes to gadgets, I have to have them all!

I tag all of my followers, and everyone and anyone reading this blog, if you are reading this then please do this tag I would love to hear about you, just leave me a message below to let me know that you are taking part.