Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Avoid Cuckoo Fashion

I ordered some Asian indian-pakistani style clothes from cuckoo fashion on the 7th of march this year (2012) They send items by courier so I received the clothes within a couple of days.

I was excited to receive my packages (as I always am) However, the clothes were faulty, the stitching was a mess, the neckline was not straight, the sleeves on one of the dresses were two different sizes one arm was tight on me whilst the other loose, one of the dresses had a very very low neckline to the point that it reveals the top half of your boobies and its not a layering type of dress it was just cut and stitched low, one of the dresses arrived with a tiny pair of trousers that looked  like child trousers and not the size consistent with the dress, one of the dresses was torn, another dress had undone stitches, one of the dresses was really tight on the chest area and not consistent with the sizing that was stated on the website.
So needless to say I had to send the items back immediately, I literally paid for very expensive shipping so that it would get there the next day !
in the package I wrote the reason for return is due to the clothing being faulty and I stated the faults against each item and I requested refund.

I received acknowledgement of the return and a refusal for refund, as they were stating the items were sale items, however all of the items on the website at the time were stating that they were new just in stock items and they were offering on sale price.

I replied back stating the same and reminded them that they may be sales stock but they were returned due to be faulty and i wanted a refund, they refused to acknowledge the faults and told me to choose an exchange and tried to force credit on my account to me.  This was not an option for me due to the quality of the items I had received.

 I have tried to contact them a few times and have had the same response, I recently decided to take an exchange as its now june and my money is otherwise wasted but they are not responding back to me, they have not refunded me, credited my account, and they have not sent me  the exchanges I told them that I would take as a last option.
They have fraudulently stolen my money, they are thieves. 

Its been quite some time now and i have told all of my family and friends to avoid shopping on the website www.cuckoofashion.com and I just recently realised that its not just all of my friends and family I should be telling but all of my readers too!
I would not want any of you to have to deal with this, and I thought this would also act as a review on cuckoo fashion for anyone researching the website before buying.
Since Eid is coming a lot of people will be shopping for Ramadan and Eid I felt a responsibility to make people aware of this.

 When I spoke about cuckoo fashion on their Facebook page some people contacted me and said that they had similar bad experiences.

 If anyone knows on how to deal with online fraud websites let me know, £87 is not the biggest amount to lose, but its big enough to feel bad if you know what I mean.

I hope you are all well, let me know what you are all doing,I'm just busy with studies right now, or feel free to share any of your  bad experiences with me.

Raspcherry XOXO