Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The prettiest pink rococo nail apparel

I sat down to do my nails and had to capture this pretty moment, its so pretty and pink! 
very appropriate for octobers breast cancer care month.

I really think that doing your own manicure is one of the best things you can do, sometimes when im stuck in a situation where I really need to think about something, I find that doing my 
nails really can help to relax me during the process and gives me a little breather as well as it allows me to think freely. Also, as your hands are on constant show to others as well as being in your own personal view all day long, so its good to have well manicured hands it really makes you feel much better and happier.

 Products used:- 
Rococo nail apparel in flower town luxe available here 
Leighton denny crystal nail file available here
Seche vite top coat available here

(also pictured Filofax breast cancer care edition, Avon pen Breast cancer crusade edition)

What do you have on your nails today ?



Monday, 28 October 2013

Birchbox October 2013

In this months box 
Egyptian magic all purpose cream 
Acane mask cocoon
Dr lipp lip balm 
laura mercier tinted moisturiser
ultra dex recalcifying and whitening toothpaste
The balm Stainiaclip and cheek stain
KMS curl up wave foam mousse

Egyptian magic all purpose cream -An amazing product made of a few natural ingredients
Acane mask cocoon -An overnight facial brightening mask totally new to me but very nice
Dr lipp balm -this is an over-glorified overpriced version of Lansinoh nipple balm but glad to get one
laura mercier tinted moisturiser -one of my fave TMs in a cute little tube (wrong shade though its ok)
ultra dex recalcifying and whitening toothpaste - Can you ever have too many TPs? 
The balm Stainiaclip and cheek stain- Im not a big fan of stains
KMS curl up wave foam mousse Im not into hair mousse but great to have one incase I need one.

you can get your Birchbox and any featured products from the birchbox shop here

What do you think ? 



Friday, 25 October 2013

iphone fun

New in iphone 5s 

(sorry about pic quality, it was taken using an iphone 4, and below pic taken with iphone 5)

   Bubby is so cute, she is 5 years old now, She grabbed a pack of crystals and blinged up my old iphone 4, nobody had a clue what she was up to she just sat down and got on with it. 
(she usually uses this phone to play on, mines was the iphone 5 prior to my new iphone 5s )

I think that she has done such an amazing job of it, and when I praised her for her efforts she said 'Mama, you should put it up on facebook'
 soooo cute !!!!

I had to share it with you all.



Thursday, 17 October 2013

Benefit Rockateur

Benefit recently introduced a new boxed blush called Rockateur rep £23.50, like many others out there I have quite a few of these boxed blushes, I have bellabamba, 10, and thrrob, in the full sizes and most of the others in smaller sizes the two im missing from my overall collection are hervana and sugar bomb both of which i do like I just havent purchased.

When i first saw the pre-launch pictures of rockateur I was so excited and knew immediately that I had to get this blush. 

Benefit had a few prelaunch sales of this blush but none were near me as they were a few select stores.

Luckily Debenhams had it online as a prelaunch too so I immediately snapped it up. get yours here 

Ive had it a while now and used it quite abit and you can see the print on the powder disappearing.

I dont think its very rock chick at all, infact I think its very glamourous, sophisticated and chic, it has gold and pink packaging with a black lace print which I love! 

there is also a new shaped brush in this compact which is more rounded and domed whilst still being a flat brush!

The colour is described as rose gold and I love, love rose gold!

I think the shade is quite a ballerina peachy Shade, very delicate and gentle, the shimmer in it so very subtle, ohh im in love! 

You can see it applied with the brush above, and below it swatched with my  finger.

 Just as a final note I realised that this shade goes well with the rococo nail apparel that I am wearing today which is in the shade 'flower town luxe' Im loving this shade and it was supposed to have its own post which is still to come so consider this a sneaky preview! get yours here

Have you picked up this blush ? 

What do you think? 

Raspcherry XOXO 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bourjois happy light foundation is back with friends and family!

Bourjois happy light foundation currently available for £7.99 normal RRP will be £11.99

This must be one of the most best high street/drugstore product launches if not the best ever! 
im so excited that bourjois has bought back happy light foundation, this was my foundation of choice until they discontinued it. 
It applied nicely, looked fresh and non mask light, had spf15 (I think) 
and came in a tube so great for travel. 
but that must have been about 16 years ago!

I think the formula has changed somewhat and no longer has spf protection, the packaging has clearly changed and now has a pump dispenser, I think the tube was better although I love pumps but tubes are easier for travel and I think every brand should have one tube choice available for travel purposes. 

The coverage is quite light, and luminous, alot lighter that the other foundations pictured namely healthy mix foundation and healthy mix serum, I think that the 10 hour sleep effect offers the most coverage. 

There are two happy light primers, Im normally dry skin but recently ive had acne, and now, oiliness so ive opted for the matte primer which works quite well, ive used it under the foundation and mixed with the foundation. I still want to try the other primer also.
The healthy light concealer only comes in two choices I chose the more yellow toned one no 21 ivoire

You can see the other bourgeois items that I have purchased myself to try, I try to avoid buying high street makeup as it is so accessible and I build up a huge collection very quickly and when I have clearouts I tend to give away bags of new high street makeup free to family and friends which is actually hundreds of pounds of product, but its much easier than parting with products from Chanel and Dior for example.  
So a few years back I banned myself from buying drugstore makeup for this reason, but the high street has really changed and some products now are matching their high end competitors 

I have pictured some of my bourjois collection, I do have some more products, but they can wait until future posts, funnily the one item I do not have is my all time holy grail item which is the bourjois liquid eyeliner, and I have seen they have a newer version of it which looks fab, it has pink packaging and a rubber on the top too- yes a rubber, where makeup meets stationary lol!

Products pictured
 Bourjois delice de soleil bronzing powder no 14 olive tanned skins
 Bourjois blush no 41 healthy mix
 Bourjois eclat mineral radiance no 05 dore
 Bourjois healthy mix correcting concealer no 52 medium
 Bourjois healthy mix foundation no 53 light beige
 Bourjois healthy mix serum gel foundation no 53 light beige
 Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation no 74 beige
 Bourjois happy light  foundation no 52 light beige
 Bourjois happy light matte serum primer
 Bourjois flower perfection translucent smoothing primer
 Bourjois happy light ultra covering concealer no 21 ivoire
 Bourjois healthy balance unifying powder no 53 light beige

Bourjois products are available here

What products from the bourjois line are you using ? 



Monday, 14 October 2013

New in:- Clarins all about lips lip collection

Containing 4 types of Clarins lip products 
  • Colour Quench Lip Balm 02 Peach Nectar 7ml
  • Gloss Prodige 04 Candy 2.5ml
  • Rouge Eclat 13 Woodrose 1.5g
  • Instant Light Natural Lip perfector 01 Rose Shimmer 5ml

Now im a really big fan of Clarins Skincare products especially the beauty flash balm face and the beauty flash eyes, to name but a few. 
but I realised earlier this year that I have not tried any of their cosmetic products ever!

So I picked up their splendours summer bronzer and eyeshadow kits which I will review and include a face of the day, look also. 

I had £15 debenhams beauty points and now that you can spend your points online I decided to try this new service out, unfortunately I learned that you can only make a full payment 
 using points, if they are available to cover the cost of the order, I usually tend to just use up the points that are about to expire. Anyway I bought the clarins all about lips kit to try out all of the different lip products.

I was very happy to receive this kit, as its very versatile as far as product type is concerned 
all of the colours are very wearable and they smell very nice. 

They come in a makeup bag which is very small and squishy so should fit in most bags including small bags I can fit in a small eyeliner, small mascara, small eyebrow kit or face powder compact and mini makeup brushes in this bag. 
The bag looks white but also has a very pretty shimmer going through it 

Overall Im very happy with this purchase.

Do you use any clarins lip products? 



New in:- Les pinceau de Chanel pinceau poudre biseaute, angled powder brush no2

Angled powder brush review

I think you all know how much I love my Chanel products let alone the tan de soleil range 
These bronzers were all limited edition are sadly no longer available :(
 They do come with a very generous brush in the compact but in the case of the 4 facettes bronzing powder in bronze corail 507 (the one with the coral strip at the bottom) I do find that it is very pigmented and quite difficult to apply due to this, and this is why this has been my least used until now. 

When I first saw the angled powder brush my first thoughts were literally 'OMG, I need this brush for my chanel bronzers'
And finally, today I decided to treat myself from Boots I was really good and purchased it with my Boots advantage card points. The brush retails for £42 and is available here and here  and here 

The brush is quite dense, and is not very soft so it does pick up alot of product and gives quite a pigmented finish.
 Due to its angled cut it makes a great brush to contour the cheeks and is equally good for bronzer or highlighter. 
I also have the chanel blush brush which I have had a long time now and I will also review soon 

Products pictured 
Chanel les pinceaux pudre biseaute angled powder brush no 2 
Chanel soleil tan de pudre soleil 4 lumières 4 facettes bronzing powder 537 bronze corail
Chanel soleil tan de harmonie poudre de soleil luminous bronzing powder 907 sable beige
Chanel soleil tan de poudre hydratante effet hale moisturising bronzing powder 65 sable dor

These products have been replaced by the new Chanel les beiges collection, which I picked up as soon as it launched and I will be reviewing here soon. 

I was given samples of sublimage cleanser which is like clarins melt gel and a sample of weekend skincare moisturiser. 

Do you have any of the tan de chanel products?

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Glossy Box october 2013

Inside this months glossy box 
Mememe cherubs blush 
Katy perry killer queen fragrance sample
Monu illuminating primer 
Premae harmony multi vit smoothie serum
Eva cosmetics mystic diamond argan oil

not too excited about the mememe cheek and lip tint not just because its easily available from superdrug but because I dont look good in these kind of stain products i literally looked stained/dirty.
Always glad to try out good hair oils, but where a sample perfume is included in a paid for promotion or box I prefer a larger miniture bottle or atleast a few of these vial type bottles.
The smoothie serum sounds amazing, and as im having oilyness this product is right on time, im also interested to try the monu primer as Im loving their spa hand cream.

You can get your GlossyBox here



Friday, 11 October 2013

New in:- You Beauty discovery box

This is my first ever beauty box from you beauty, which is the new sister company of latest in beauty
You beauty boxes cost just £6.95 per box per month and you have the option to log onto the website before items are despatched and choose 2 of 4 items that will be sent to you which makes this box very unique alongside the price of this box in comparison to other beauty boxes.
I chose the compact Tangle teaser and noble isle bubble bath since I love bubble baths and I can rely on myself to use up a bubble bath much quicker than any other item.

Items in my box
Tangle teaser
Noble isle bubble bath
You beauty mirror
Nakd cocoa orange bar

I am very happy with the contents of my boxes, I have already eaten the cocoa bar  which has a hint of taste of terrys chocolate orange  for the most part it tastes of the dried up mushed fruit that it is made up of.

Other boxes I subscribe to are Glossy box  and Birch box

Have you tried you beauty boxes ?