Monday, 12 January 2015

Januarys new year beauty subscription boxes 2015

Its still quite early in the month, and I have received three of my four beauty box subscriptions, the 4th is a new one that I will leave as a secret until it arrives at least. But I could not wait to share my first three beauty boxes of the year with you. 

Incase you are unaware of beauty box subscriptions, they're usually surprise sample boxes of beauty products that you receive every month until you cancel membership or you can buy your subscription out right and pay ahead for a set amount of time for said box. 
the monthly direct debit usually works out the easiest for most people. 

you will be able to find previous months and years boxes reviews on this blog incase you're wondering what previous boxes may have contained. 

so without further ado I give you January 2015's first beauty boxes of the year, yay!

Birchbox January 2015 available here
Stila lip glaze in glamour mini size
Philip kingsley flaky itchy shampoo sample
Agave healing oil treatment sample
Healgel face in firm replenish smooth
Activbod cooling finish lotion sample
Embrace match green tea x1 tea bag

You Beauty discovery January 2015 available here
Merumaya melting cleansing balm sample
Merumaya overnight recharge night cream sample
Dove youthful vitality hair BB cream sachet
Dragonfly 3x tea bags - Green gaucho, Mountain honey bush, Swirling mist
Hello fresh discount card

Glossybox January 2015  available here 
Mememe eyeliner pencil in clay f/s
Nicka K New york colourluxe powder blush in Romantic f/s
Jelly pong pong All over glow f/s
Kueshi natural and pleasant cosmetics revitalising face toner f/s
Naked lips Organic lip balm superfruits f/s
Hello fresh discount card

Initially I was probably most impressed with my birchbox, and I feel that its contents are probably the most appropriate to the theme. 

With the you beauty box you're able to hand pick your samples so I'm ok with this box and actually happy to try out Merumaya products as I love their brand mission.

Initially i was very disappointed with the glossy box, the selection seemed random and uninteresting at first, so far Ive only properly tested the toner which luckily has impressed me on first usage it was rather pleasant to use. Ive received a lot of brown liners and I think this mememe brown eyeliner will become my new brow pencil as its pigmented but a little harder than I like on the inner rim and waterline for my liking, Ill just remind you that my HG eyeliner is the Chanel eyeliner and nothing touches it IMO.

Ofcourse I will keep you updated on my thoughts on these products in days to come however if you have any particular questions or future blog post requests please feel free to ask, I love hearing from you all. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this post

Love ya 



Saturday, 10 January 2015

Benefit Puff off eye gel to help smooth the look of puffs

Im sure everyone has noticed that my biggest beauty problem is probably my puffy eyes. I always, always, always seem to have puffy eyes now and I'm not sure why. I have tried practically every product available for puffy eyes over the years including some extremely expensive vey high end products, which I will probably review shortly for you if you want me to.

This post however is for benefits new Puff off instant eye gel.
I've had it for almost a week now, I managed to order one for myself pre-launch online.
I will do a more thorough review shortly but heres my first thought on the product.

Ofcourse all of benefits products come in pretty unique packaging, this eye gel also comes in a quirky tube with a little iron shaped foot to smooth out puffs. The tube itself is really dinky and comes in a small cardboard box containing a leaflet.

Puff off comes in a 10ml size which is a third less than a standard eye product which are normally 15ml so that was quite disappointing, the gel is a light baby pink white sheeny shade if that makes sense lol. the formula to me is more silicone than gel so this will be great for disguising lines rather than puffiness, the iron shaped tip is quite cooling and refreshing though I haven't experienced a completely deputed eye yet and mines are the puffiest!

At just over twenty pounds I wouldn't say this is cheap especially as its only 10ml in size, but if it does make my puffy eyes 'puff off' over a longer term period I would say its worth it, however I will have to keep you tuned for those results as I'm still waiting myself as I've not had immediate results sadly.

The puff off will be available shortly at all of Benefits retailers soon, I think it will be at the end of the month or the start of february 2015 in all of the usual Benefit retailers here, here, here.,here and here.

I have used all of the traditional methods for puffy eyes and I've not had any spectacular results using any of cold spoons, cucumbers, tea bags, arnica gel, gel eye masks, if you have extreme puffy eyes and you have found a product that works for you please do share!! I'll love you forever!! I promise!!

 As always thank you for stopping by, 
I love you all



Thursday, 1 January 2015

Wishing you all a happy new year and an update on where I've been and some 2014 favourites

 Happy new year my lovelies!! I hope that you are all keeping well and that you have all had an amazing 2014 and that 2015 will be an even better year for all of us.

Without going on too much and giving too much detail the reason for me being mia from blogging is due to the car accident I was in, sadly my injuries have not completely healed and I've not been well at all, but on a more positive note I am on the mend and Inshallah I promise to blog more often, I have been blogging now for about 7 years from various platforms including my first youtube channel so I'm  not about to give up now because this is what I love to do, no matter what life throws at me I always come back, its really my true love.

 The year 2014 has been a busy one with so much going on and I will be slowly but surrey sharing all of my activities with you. I have still been posting on various social media, mainly Twitter, Facebook  and most recently my latest addiction Instagram.
I have had a lot of fun talking to you all on these other social media websites if you have an account feel free to talk to me I really do love talking to you all about anything or everything.
If there is anything specific that you'd like me to do a post on then definitely let me know, in the meantime I'm adding some pics of some of my favourite new items that I have posted on instagram that I think that you will like too, and I will do detailed reviews on them soon too.

After about 10 years of using classic GHDs I'm trying out the new GHD Eclipse and GHD Air.
Currently available at an amazing discounted pice with a free rose gold case worldwide for 125 here and here and here

My first Charlotte Tilbury makeup product was this eyeshadow quad in Fallen Angel available here 

Another brand that I tend to repeat purchase from is Eyeko, which you can find in previous posts, right now I have a huge collection available here and here

Loving high street jewellery from accessorize, and one from River Island.

A perfect autumn winter nude lip combo from Model co

Every girl loves the most coveted Virtual domination blush palette from Nars.

Winter coffee from Costa which I love, their latte is amazing. I had to boycott Starbucks earlier this year.

The always sold out Anastasia Beverly hills contour palette available here 

My rose gold Michael kors watch in rose gold since I'm obsessed with rose gold jewellery and love statement pieces incase you're wondering the other is a his watch by D&G both or similar available here.

I hope you enjoyed this piece, let me know what you have done this year and whether you have made any new years resolutions what are your new years resolutions?