Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Winter Hair Style :- Ombre Hair

I decided to try out the Ombre hair trend this winter 
OMBRE - gradient hair colour going from dark roots to light ends 
but as always I added my own raspcherry twist to it because I cant just blindly follow a trend 
I have to really like it and reasonably believe that I can pull it off and even then I like to do it my way 
I coloured the roots black and the ends light brown and I have medium red brown streaks in the mid lengths.
I also cut layers and feathered the front around my face

I have changed my hair colour/cut again 

(FYI- I have naturally brown hair)

What do you think ? 

Raspcherry <3


Friday, 16 March 2012

My Winter Obsession - Lush bath bombs and ballistics

I love love love love Bubble baths 
When given a choice i usually pick bubble baths over alot of things 

My life is so hectic 
bubble baths really allow me to have some calm and rest in a day 
it truely is my one indulgence 

Lush bath products have become part of my winter routine since they are more enjoyable in cold winter evenings 

I tend to go for my all time favourites 
Bath bombs:- Butter balls, Honey Bee, Vanilla Fountain.
Bubble bars :- The comforter, Creamy candy.
Soaps :- Rockstar, Honey I washed the kids. 

Ive also used other hair, body and skincare products that I will leave for another post since this is a bath post :)

This winter Ive gone out of my comfort zone and tried some new lush products.

I cant remember the names of all of these but the ones I know are :- The ginger bread cottage, Dorothy, Green bubbleroon (made to look like a macaroon but apparently made to soothe headaches!) also the chunk of soap is the scentenary soap from the 100th lush store opening anniversary celebration worldwide. buy from Lush

Have you tried any of these ?
What are your lush must haves ?



Swatches :- Some revlon red lipsticks

I thought id stick up some swatches of the most popular revlon red lipsticks as theres always alot of questions in regarding how similar and different the shades are. 

Shades swatched 
- Revlon Fire and Ice 720
- Revlon Red 730
- Revlon Cherries in the Snow 440

Revlon red and fire and ice are quite similar but i think revlon is a more true red and more lustrous 
fire and ice is slightly cooler tones and slightly more matte
Cherries in the snow is an almost red super hot fuschia pink

All three lipsticks are creme formulas from the revlon super lustrous collection 

I think theres always alot of talk about red lipsticks 
it can cause alot of confusion 
my personal thoughts is to try the shade you are attracted to 
swatch it on your hand, do you still like it ? 
ifso -go for it. 
If not - try again !
Since im nt a particularlu red lipstick girl I think high street or drug store lipsticks are best for me considering a pay per wear basis!

I have some more red lipstick swatches from other high street brands to follow shortly 
Available from boots and superdrug

Do you have any of these ? 



Tuesday, 13 March 2012

NOTD:- Revlon Red 680

Revlon Red is an iconic classic red from about the 1950's but it was discontinued 
and I think it was relaunched in 2011

It is a true red shade -literally the shade of healthy fresh red blood 

 it is available in a lip nail combo which is fab for those amongst us who love a matching lip nail combo
I like this idea but its not a must have for me, its more of a just a nice to have.
The matching lipstick is Revlon super lustrous lipstick in ' Revlon Red  730 ' it is a creme formula

I do like Revlon nail polishes, they are high quality, dont contain alot of the nasty chemicals found in nail polishes and quite affordable at around £6.50 from boots and superdrugs

I have recently found that you can buy some nice revlon nail polish shades online at cheapsmells for about £3 which includes delivery in UK.
so check out that website for discounted products including Mac cosmetics, I recently purchased an eye cream and had a good snoop on the website.

Revlon Red nail Enamel on the nails 
I have on two coats of revlon red, and a finishing coat of my Seche Vite top coat

The Revlon nail enamels are quite opaque 
and this shade is a creme formula and opaque in one coat 
I did want to see how long it lasts with two coats 
but I did find my nail color to get damaged after an hour of application this time 

There was a rumour going around that you may have heard where christian louboutin was considering a red under sole for his shoes and grabbed his secretarys nail polish which was Revlon red and painted the under-side of the shoe with the lacquer which is where he supposedly got the inspiration for the red undersoles of his shoe. 

Im unsure as to whether there is any truth in this as I find that the undersole of my louboutins are a slightly more orange shade compared to the true redness of the revlon red. 

(ps I know I have tinsy feet)

The revlon red is a perfect match for my red patent leather iphone 4 clutch case though!
Maybe there might be a new story to go around? 

Do you have any of these products? 
Id love to know your thoughts ? 

PS I will be updating you on my absence soon.