Friday, 29 July 2011

My Babyliss beliss hot air styler

Model- Babyliss BE liss ioniceramic 800 hair dryer

I have had this a few years now, i originally bought the larger version which is shaped like a hairdryer which is specifically for longer length hair but I found it to big and chunky to use and I kept hitting myself on the head with it so I gave it to my sister (who has even longer hair )
and I bought the model for shorter hair which is the one that I am reviewing now
It is light, easy to handle, and great to use in my thick, long curly hair
you can adjust the end styler and make it a really tight setting so that it can straighten your hair but I dont like the pull on my hair and my hair getting caught in the comb bit so I leave it on a medium setting
which is Ok since I always go over my hair with my GHDs

My hair is quite long as you can see in my profile pic it comes down to the middle of my back 

This hair dryer is easy to handle if you always do your own hair like me
I have been let down by hair dressers so many times that I now even cut my own hair
The hair dryer has a filter on the back end
and also has a swivel cord just like the one on my GHD's so I dont tangle and strangle myself with my own hair dryer

I really like and trust baby liss hair tools

I think they produced the first retailed hair straightener with the steam attachment which was my first ever hair tool !

I thought Id put in a picture of the long hair version in also since this review also covers the be liss 1700w which also comes with a changeable diffuser attachment

Which hair dryer do you have ??

My Babyliss hair dryer

The Babyliss 5385 Ionic dry and shine Hair dryer

I have now had this hair dryer for a few years although Im not quite sure how many, possibly 4+ years
and this hairdryer has never let me down

It comes supplied with a diffuser attachment that is removeable but I always just leave it on
also you can switch on or off the negative ions to give you smoothness
there is a hot or cool hear setting too
it is an 1800w power hair dryer

I prefer to let my hair dry naturally where possible
but that takes forever since i have very thick and back length long hair
so there are times when I need my hair dried quick time and thats when this baby comes in

I do have 2 more hairdryers one is a mini GHD hair dryer reserved for travelling
and the other is a style straight hair dryer also by babyliss that is good for drying the length of my hair

I hope this post was interesting


Thursday, 28 July 2011

MAC Tan pigment swatches

Mac Pigment in the colour Tan was made famous the day Kim Kardashian wore it all over her eyes on her birthday party

The look can be found on her blog
and many many more other websites

Ermm . . . . its a tan shade metallic pigment

Mac pigments are very highly sought after due to the colour pay off and versatility of these lose pigments.
Mac is known to be very creative with naming their products after all sorts of plants and events and animals and anything etc etc

The day Mac tan pigment was named and released I think mac must have hit the snooze button one time too many

But I thought Id get the swatch up since I couldnt find any good swatches or reviews


Bobbi brown Pretty Powerful palettes

This is an actual photo of the recent Bobbi Brown pretty powerful palettes which was part of the Bobbi brown pretty powerful campaign

you may still be able to buy these palettes in some stores
but be quick if you want them as they are limited edition

I skipped on these palettes since they are about £40 each and I dont really need one
but I might pick up the pretty palette if I find it at a cosmetics company outlet store where it might be £10 cheaper :)

Models Own Eye Makeup brushes

My first ever models own purchase!

Can you ever have too many makeup brushes?? -I thought not!
I purchased these because I really wanted to try something from this brand and I know its not makeup but I managed to get them in the buy 2 get 3rd free at boots.

I will do a more in depth review of these brushes for you if you want me to but I thought I should do a quick post on these for anyone that might be interested in trying these specifically or for anyone that is looking for affordable eye makeup brushes.

I think they were about £5 each so the price is quite good
and yes the quality is as good as the price is

there is one angled brush that can be used as liner brush
there is one domed brush not quite a pencil brush but almost as precise
there is one dense and fluffy fluff brush a chunkier version of the mac 213 which is my favourite type of eyeshadow brush since it is so versatile.

What do you have from models own??


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mac Semi Precious Haul

Products Purchased
Pressed amber mineralize blush -limited edition
Lush Amber lipstick -limited edition
Golden gaze Mineralize eyeshadow -limited edition

I really did not have any intentions of purchasing anything from this collection since I have bought so many products from previous collections and I feel i have over-hauled
but I fell in love with pressed amber blush and lush amber lipstick to use as a fuss free lipstick and blush for everyday use since i feel they look good with everything
I have experimented with them so some looks coming up soon


Mac Lush Amber Lipstick Swatch

Lush Amber is one of Macs latest lipstick shades from the semi precious collection,
It is a gorgeous Natural Nude lipstick shade in a Lustre finish
The colour is a beige slightly golden brown natural liptone shade and can be worn in many different looks either a daytime classic or with a smokey night time or party look
I have already done 2 colourful eye looks that I will be featuring soon where I have used this as my lip colour

If you like Mac lipsticks in Creme d nude, Freckletone and cherish then you may like this!


Eco Tools stippling brush

Im sure you have heard of ecotools
Ecotools makes affordable makeup and cosmetic tools
the products are cruelty free
and environmentally friendly

This stippling brush is good for foundation as it has quite a large top
The pack says that it is suitable for blush but It spreads out the product more than Id like it to
The brush top is equivalent to a mac 187 brush top
This makes for a good travelling stippler brush because it has the shorter handle
This brush is quite expensive in the UK at £10 since i think its $8 USD

Do you have any ecotools brushes??

Bare Escentuals Mineral Original Foundation swatches

Shades swatched
Bare Minerals Golden Medium
Bare Minerals Medium Beige
Bare Minerals Medium Tan
Bare Minerals Tan

My Shade is either the light or medium beige 
I have swatched all of the foundations very thickly about 3 layers to make them show up 
I like the light because its made for warmer skin tones as it is yellow based
Golden medium is abit too yellow but can be good to cover up redness 
Medium beige blends in perfectly for light to medium beige tone skins like mine 
I would say Nc25 - Nc30 like me 
medium tan would be good for NC35
and tan would be good for NC40 
There are lihter and darker shades in the range but I do not have these 

Why do I have such a huge range ??
Because when I am out I wear alot of bronzer on my face to match my face to my tanned neckline and hands which get alot of sun and sales assistants are insistent that I am the tan and darker shades but as you can see im clearly the medium beige 
Medium beige also happens to be the best selling shade
Most UK/USA caucasian women also fall under this shade as it can be used winter and summer 

I sometimes use the darker colours as bronzer and contour colours 

The good thing about pure mineral makeup is that it will never go off    !!
so this is a good choice for makeup collectors 

Do you use Bare minerals ??


Smokey peach FOTD

Products used 
Mac select foundation in nc30
Smashbox Halo hydrating powder in light 
Estee Lauder double wear concealer in light 
Sleek Face contour kit in light 
Sleek Avoir le peche blush in Pan Tao

Products used
Mac Prep and prime eye in light
Sleek mineral eyeshadow palette in oh so special no 658
Elf double ended eyebrow pencil
Mac fluid line gel liner in black track
Mac zoom lash mascara on lower lashline 

Pictured products 
Sleek oh so special limited edition palette 
Sleek limited edition blush in Pan Tao
Revlon Colorburst lipstick in peach 075
Sleek face contour palette in light

Swatched products 
Sleek Shadows 
-bow cream shade
-pamper baby peach shade
-Ribbon dark pink peach shade
-Gift basket shimmery bronze brown 
-Celebrate shimmery maroon
-Noir black 

-Pan Tao - peach blush 
-peach - lipstick
-light contour palette bronzer and highlight shade 

I hope you liked this post 

Do you have this or any other sleek palettes?

Would you like some more looks using this palette ?


Revlon Colorburst lipstick in peach

I really like the Revlon colorburst lipsticks 
The packaging is very chic with the quilted casing that makes it look very expensive 
also the lipsticks themselves are just the right blend of colour pigment and moisture 
This swatch is for the shade peach 075
which is a darker slightly more orange coral than peach 
but never the less its a very pretty shade 
probably not best for very pale complexions and probably not best for those with orange to red hair shades
but try it if you do fall under these colourings 
It could still work for you if worn the right way 


Loreal glam shine lipgloss in nude moon

Loreal Glam shine lipglosses are a high quality high street lipgloss
they come in various different varieties 
from sheer to opaque, and from glossy to glittery 
they now feature a heart shape wand, but I have been using these glosses since they were first launched here in England. 
I mainly prefer the more nude, neutral and natural shades even in the super shimmery formulas. 

Loreal says 

Glam up your pout with Glam Shine lip gloss, in a dazzling array of shades and effects to suit every woman.Whether it is a sparkly look, a pearly look or a holographic look, this range has the perfect shade for any occasion. From corals to For an irresistible pout, the innovative heart-shaped wand captures even more gloss and allows for precise application. Just one sweep is enough to achieve plumped up glamorous looking lips.pinks, nudes to browns and vibrant brights, experiment with your favourite colours.

Im not too sure about the lip plumping properties since I feel that I do have such huge lips anyway 
but never the less I love love love these lip glosses
If I could only ever have 1 brand from the high street lip glosses I think I would choose these 

The colour swatched is from the moonlight collection and is called nude moon no 98

it is the perfect shade in my opinion for any skin colour 
I highly recommend this lipgloss

In case your wondering Im a beige skin tone 
in mac terms im between nc25 to nc30 throughout the year . 

Do you have any of the loreal glam shine lipglosses ? 
let me know if you like this post because I have a collection of these lipglosses and I will post more swatches for you . 


Mac pink lipstick swatch in strayin

Strayin is a limited edition lipstick by mac from the hello kitty collection 
it is a bright blue based pink it is similar shade to mac girl about town but not exactly the same 
This lipstick is a frost lipstick
and has some silver glittery shimmer which is most apparent when the lipstick has worn off and you have glittery fine lines in your lips -lol you know what I mean !!

Do you have a similar pink lipstick ?


Monday, 25 July 2011

MAC Zoom Lash Mascara

I have the shortest, teeniest, tinyest, stubby lashes in the world, and if that was not bad enough they also stand horizontally straight out.

So in a mascara Im looking for everything basically which means lenghtening, volumising and some curling -Since Im so lazy and forgetful to curl my lashes before mascara application. 

For many years I have sworn by Clinique High impact mascara 

Until I tried MAC Zoom lash mascara  . . . 

I heard alot about this mascara, even Kim kardashian has raved about it, but nothing was enough for me to go and try another mascara since each and every mascara makes so many claims and even the ones over £20 have disappointed me.

I then got a zoom lash mascara as part of the lined and lashed kit and since then this is easily my most purchased mascara.

This mascara adds length, volume, and when applied in an upwards motion and holding the lashes up for 2 seconds with the actual mascara wand it can help to hold a curl.

I apply 1-2 coats, but careful as the second coat starts to give a spidery leg effect and a third coat gives a twiggy effect.

And since mascaras should be replaced regularly it makes sense to use a mascara from MAC as the container is eligible for the back to mac programme.

And the cost of this mascara is not too far off from other high end high street mascaras that I have tried so I really feel that zoom lash is an affordable mascara.

You will like this mascara if you like Loreal telescopic, loreal lash architect, Max factor false lash effect.

Whats your favourite mascara??

Saturday, 16 July 2011

MAC Semi precious Collection review and swatches

I had to take these pics with my iphone 4 because I dont want to look  like a complete weirdo taking photos of makeup with a big camera, but Ill manage looking like a partial weirdo taking pictures with my iphone 4. 
I hope this helps to give you an idea of colours and shades etc if your still on the fence as to whether you want to buy certain products or not. 

photos of cosme

I really felt that this collection was really nice but since I have bought so many mac cosmetics over the past 12 months let alone from the mineralize line I felt it would be best if I did not go to crazy.
( I think I bought all of the in the groove eyeshadows)

Tempted to buy atleast 5 of these merged eyshadows but refrained with difficulty, I also like to buy all of the mac limited edition brushes but I think the split fibre does not suit my purposes due to my useage techniques.

(with flash -Above)

(without flash in store lighting -above)

Top row  - Mac semi precious mineralize skin finish MSF's
Bottom row - MAC semi precious Mineralize blush

MAC semi precious lipsticks (above)

Mac semi precious lipglass swatches

I will try and put up the names and descriptions of these products if you want me to then please comment below and let me know, 
I hope these swatches are helpful, I will do a follow up review and haul post of my purchases from the collection.

Have you bought anything from this collection?

Raspcherry <3

Monday, 11 July 2011

MAC new launch FASHIONFLOWER collection and thoughts

I love how spring-ey and summer-ey this collection is.
I love the way it has been promoted.
The promotion picture is Beautiful -I dont think it can be made any better.

The collection features

 two FashionFlower beauty powders in
Alpha Girl -A peachy Coral Pink
Light Sunshine - Lightest subtlest baby pink

six eyeshadows in
Fresh Daisy -the subtlest off white with lightest lemon yellow
Aqua - Light baby blue aqua shade
Lucky Green - a light to medium grassy citrus green
Free to be - A peachy coral -I have this from the previous to the beach collection
GroundCover - A warmish dirty grey
Bows and curtseys -Very dark greenish grayish black, I think I might have this from the  previous tartal tale christmas collection

Studio Fix bold lash mascara

Penultimate eyeliner

Four lipsticks
Mile - A medium neutral pink (my favourite)
Summer shower - A minty shade similar to Chanels Nouvelle Vague nail polish
Growing Trend - A light beige lipstick for those who like creme d nude or myth
Ever hip - A gorgeous peachy coral shade I have this from the previous liberty of london collection

Three Lipgelees in
FashionFlower -the lightest shade
Now in season - A yellow shade appropriately named as this season yellow is definitely in !!
Budding beauty - A pretty peachy shade

I had to give the whole collection a miss As I already have my favourite shades or products very similar!

The picture is from the mac stand at my local debenhams store which is my favourite place to pick up MAC limited edition products since I can get beauty club points

This is just my thoughts and opinions on the collection

Have you picked up anything from this collection ??

I would love to know your thoughts on this collection.

Raspcherry <3

Thursday, 7 July 2011

May MakeUp Favourites

May has always been a month that I have looked forward to and counted down the days through because its the month that my birthday falls into however this is no longer the case I now dread the month of may as its a very sad time for me now because I lost somebody very important in this month.

And as such Its not that I dont care about how I look in may I just dont care about trying out new looks and being creative I just stick to the basics because Im just so used to wearing makeup now on a daily basis. 

This is  my tried and tested face using some of my fail-proof tried and tested cosmetics that are very 'no brainers'

(as pictured above)
Philosophy super natural poreless flawless face primer
Laura mercier tinted moisturiser in nude (original formula)
Laura mercier secret Camouflage palette in no2 
Benefit big beautiful eyes palette
Benefit boing concealer in medium 02 (in bbep -above)
Bobbi brown gel liner in black ink
Mac zoom lash mascara in black
Bare escentuals mineral foundation in medium beige
Nars Laguna bronzer and Nars orgasm blush duo palette
Mac myth lipstick (not pictured)  
Loreal glam shine lipgloss in nude moon 

Its a really quick look and great for me to do everyday, for the school run and as Im abit of  soccer mum at the moment since Im doing extra sunday school run, and after school karate classes, after school cricket club, football club and scout cubs etc and thats just for my boy!

I love love benefit big beautiful eyes, I end up repurchasing this every year since its been launched! 
let me know if you would like a review on this, I also used this palette everyday at work whilst working in technological consultancy as management on 14 hour shifts!

you can wear this palette very simply or as above with abit more work.

But dont worry Im ok and I now share my husbands birthday with him in July as we have a combined his n hers birthday celebration <3

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Too Faced Glamour gloss lipgloss review and swatches

They Say 
A super shine lip gloss collection with a natural plumping and cooling action. Twelve richly pigmented shades offer a chic range of choices for todays glam girl.
I say -
If you are a really girly girl and you love really girly things then you might want to check out these lipglosses. 
The packaging is not only a pretty metallic pink but there is a crystal in the end of the lid that gives this lipgloss a very glamorous look.

I thought this product was only goog for the packaging so when I swatched them i was very pleasantly surprised by the actual product.

My Favourite shades from the too faced Glamour gloss collection are the ones featured in the swatches.

The formula is very nice and not too stickey and it has a very pleasant minty taste 

If you have loved the too faced lip injections lip glosses then I definitely recommend that you check these out. 

These are available in most places that stock too faced products
In the Uk this includes boots and more recently debenhams

Shade descriptions as described on the too faced website 

Barely Legal -Marshmallow pink
First time - Perfect nude
Pillow talk - Mauve shimmer
Plush - Candied coral

Although there are no real rules but just as a tip
try barely legal for pale to light skin
Pillow talk is probably the most universal my lips but better shade 
First time is nice for light to medium skin tones
and plush would look gorgeous on any skin tones especially darker skintones 
plush is a similar colour to the famous Nars orgasm blush 

Let me know if you already have any of these or if you pick one up then Id love to know which ones you get. 

Leave a comment and Ill get back to you 


Makeup Favourites (may 2011)

Products that Im loving
Laura mercier tinted moisturiser spf20 original formula in nude 
Philosophy the supernatural poreless flawless face primer spf15
Bare escentuals original mineral foundation spf 15 in medium beige 
Laura mercier secret camouflage in no 02 
Nars Bronzer in laguna and blusher in orgasm duo
Bobbi brown gel liner in black ink (not pictured)
Mac zoom lash mascara 
Loreal  glam shine moonlight in nude moon 
Mac myth lipstick (not pictured)
Benefit big beautiful eyes eyeshadow and concealer palette 

I am doing Mays post really late but these are kind of all time fail proof favourites if you know what I mean. I plan to do one for june and july soon and then I can do monthly favourites on time in the future. 


Another elf haul

ELF or E.L.F stands for Eyes lips face,
 Elf has not been in the UK for very long but due to the super low prices and decent quality of the products Elf has done extremely well in the UK. 
Most items from the standard range costs about £1.50 each 
Elf has also launched a studio range and most of the items cost £3.50
and the mineral range is about £3.00 per item 
I think the most expensive item from Elf is about £35 for a makeup palette.

Elf does regular free P&P shipping offers 
if you are interested then follow them/me on twitter or follow them on facebook
Shipping is normally £3 and is free if you spend over £30

Im always interested to see what other makeup lovers are buying so I thought id share my latest two purchases with you all. 

  1. Studio powder brush
  2. Clear mascara and brow gel duo
  3. Studio concealer palette -dark 
  4. blending wedges for foundation
  5. Luscious liquid lipstick in perfect pink and baby lips 
The concealer is to use when I do makeup on darker skintones. 
I have tried all of the other products and i recommend them 
let me know If you would like a review on any of these 

lip pencil in spice
brightening eye liner pencil in black
Clarifying pressed powder in spice
Studio concealer palette in medium
Double ended earth and water mascara duo in black one end is regular the other is waterproof
face encyclopedia
everyday brights Eyeshadow palette -free gift with purchase as part of promotion, normally £9

Again leave a message if you would like me to do any reviews on any of these products

Do you have any elf products ? what would you recommend for me ?