Thursday, 14 November 2013

New in:- Chanel Matelassees de chanel ombres palette in Charming

I just got my new Chanel Matelasses palette in charming from Boots and I just had to share it with you all! I found out that Chanel would be doing another 5 eyeshadow palette a few weeks ago and I was so excited that this release would be available to everyone and not limited to select boutiques as the past couple of limited edition releases have been.
The last time one of these types of palettes were available or rather where chanel had started this type of eyeshadow palette was with the Chanel ombre perlees. (I can stick up a picture if you want me to)

I have my eyes on a couple of other items from this collection but didnt want to go crazy as im on a new shopping ban and no this palette is not breaking any rules, this is an essential must have for me! 

But for now I'll leave you all to enjoy some pictures of this palette 
(that I took on the new iphone 5s in indoor evening lighting. )

The palette should be up shortly on Boots and Debenhams and John lewis 
Will you be picking up this palette? 



New in :- Benefit little love potions

Im loving these gorgeous goodies from Benefit in dinky little travel sizes 

Since I have such a huge makeup collection its not economical for me to have full sizes of all the products I like at all times.
 sets like this make my life so much easier so in this way I can eat my cake and have it :) 
I know thats really cheeky but its true! 

The set includes the following items 
 -Its potent eye cream 
-High beam highlighter
-Posie tint stain 
-Stay dont stray eye primer 
-That gal brightening face primer 
-The porefessional face primer 
-Watts up highlighter
-Hoola bronzing powder 
-Hoola lipgloss
-Badgal lash mascara 

(alot of highlighting and brightening products!)

These products are going to make great handbag/travel products for me, they also make great trial products if you are unsure of buying the full size as the set is just under £30 which is near enough the amount for one benefit product which are usually around the £20 mark give or take. 

Currently I have my eyes on the complete Benefit flawless range which I have used items from in the past but im thinking of getting the whole kit and kaboodle - the Flawless primer, foundation, fake it concealer, and flawless powder. But Im just procrastinating since Im putting myself on a shopping ban as I need to use up current items before I allow myself to buy anymore products for now. 
(I'll see how long that lasts!) 

Which benefit products are you loving right now? 



Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Soap and Glory goodies

As it gets cold again its good to treat oneself with some lovely beauty care products.
 Im currently testing out some soap and glory goodies which I bought from boots.

Here are some of the products that I have bought, I had to test out the great kisser lip balms
Theyre petroleum based but they smell great, the peachy one smells like apricot conditioner, really zesty, fruity, apricot. The coconut is lovely too, and vanilla has a pinky gold sheen think Mac rubenesque paint pot.

Im also really into handcream right now, probably due to the fact that I've really neglected myself over the past year (boo-hoo) The Hand food cream is not too thick and not too light so its ok to use during the day. its especially  great after being out in the cold/inside in the heating and after having hands in and out of water it also smells nice which is always a plus.

The Smooch operator is really hard and waxy as opposed to gooey, soft and glossy like the great kisser lip balms, Ironically I thought the smooth operator would be my night treatment but due to the surprising texture I feel its better under a lipstick during the day.

The Heel genius was a real surpriser i was expecting basically something the same/similar to the hand food but this foot cream is completely different, for starters its a minty colour, a very light gel-like texture and smaells lovely. I love that it contains fruit acids to gently slough away at any dead skin, between foot exfoliation treatments.  Also that it contains Allantoin which calms and soothes, now which busy girl or mum does not need that?

All products available from boots here 

Which soap and glory products are you loving? 
Have you tried any of these? 



Monday, 11 November 2013

Getting ready with BareMinerals ready products

A few months ago I started suffering from Acne and decided to equip myself with some makeup that is good for my skin and is quick and convenient for me to use, of course I had to choose bare minerals. 

I will do some skincare posts regarding this soon, also. 

Bareminerals ready  boost adrenaline rush in gold compact with gold blush brush QVCuk
a quick and convenient three in one product for the cheeks

Bareminerals Ready foundation with full flawless brush John Lewis
Very highly pigmented, much more than the loose foundations, good coverage and spf20

BareMinerals Ready the truth eyeshadow quad and slant eyeshadow brush John Lewis
very pigmented neutral smokey colours

I also have some larger kits but i wanted smaller convenient compacts which only had the products that I wanted/needed!

Do you have/love any bareminerals ready products ? 



Monday, 4 November 2013

makeup on the go

As a very busy person, I often find myself applying makeup on the go. 
I will complete my skincare routine, maybe apply my base products depending on how much time I have -this could be Laura mercier or nars tinted moisturiser or a proper foundation and Ill grab eyeliner and concealer/foundation, powder, blush and lipstick or lipgloss and apply that as soon as I have time.

Today I had to goto the mall as I had alot of errands to run, and I had a latte and cookie for breakfast at starbucks whilst I applied my face and got on with some paper work.

The products that I had grabbed in my rush today were

Mac select moisture cover concealer in nc23
Model co fibre lashxtend extreme black lengthening mascara
Mac brow pencil
Lancome liquid eyeliner
Lancome khol eyeliner 
on of my Home made lipstick palette with mac lipsticks 

Most items from Boots or Debenhams

I tend to grab different products each time 

How do you do your makeup in a rush ?