Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A look inside my october Joliebox 2012

JolieBox October 2012

My package arrived yesterday, and I could not wait to share the contents of this months box with you. 
Although its too early to actually fully review the products I still wanted to share my first impression thoughts with you. 

In the box
Ritessens velvet face cleanser 
Nice big full size product from a brand ive never heard from but would be interested to try this, I hope I like i since it is so big.

Lov organic tea in 'lov is beautiful'
Im actually very interested in trying these scandinavian tea bags.  they're very premium quality tea bags, the bags are actually made of muslin, and although I hate standard black tea, And I think that white tea tastes like sh**.
 This tea is a combination of white tea, green tea, and red tea aka redbush/rooibos tea (I love both green tea and red tea) and they also contain pieces of fruit which sounds delicious. 

Jason Bee healthier lip balm stick
it seems to be just another lip balm but made with natural ingredients with aloe vera which is known to be very soothing, beeswax which is very softening/moisturising and the best thing is that the first or main bulk ingredient is actually cocoa butter. maybe its not just an ordinary lipbalm afterall, I guess a person can never have too many lipbalms!

Balance me daily essentials balancing facial moisturiser
this is a small but decent 10ml moisturiser suitable for normal combination skin.
it is made from 99% natural ingredients, I think its somewhat of a nice but normal moisturiser so I will put this aside for travel or until a later date since im trying to use up current open products. 

Moa the green balm
this is a cute little dinky jar, is a multi purpose balm that is made from 100% natural ingredients. I have received this in a previous Joliebox and its nice for lips and cuticles and is soo tiny it can even fit in the tiniest of purse or wallet and its very unisex with its simple packaging and fresh natural smell. This would also be nice to use on small children and babies. It reminds me of Liz Earle superbalm. My favourite use for this product is on cuticles since i have my hands in and out of water as a very busy mum. 

Do you use any of these products? 
What did you get in your JolieBox ?



Monday, 22 October 2012

A look inside my September Joliebox

Inside my Sepember 2012 JolieBox 

Balmi coconut flavour lipbalm
This reminds me of EOS lipbalm because of the way it looks and coconut cookies because of the way it smells, It comes with an attachment to attach onto a mobile phone but as i have an iphone i cant do this but I am thinking of attaching it to my keys or I'll just leave it as it is. 

I love... Strawberry face mask 
I will probably use this when I have some girly me-time.

Redken Align 12 protective straightening lotion
Ive always loved Redken hair products so im always happy to receive moisturising and straightening hair products and especially happy whe they are from brands such as Redken.

I received two of these one in red and one in orange, I personally tend to stick to black or brown hair bands and clips but i was interested to try these bands because they are specially made to not leave a ponytail dent in your hair. I used this in the same way that you would use a hairband (also tried other ways) but I found it still bent and dented my hair, but I do have exceptionally thick, voluminous hair ohh and its long too!

Dr Bragi marine exfoliant 
two teeny tiny samples in clear sachets, I'll be keeping these for travel. 


Sunday, 21 October 2012

A look inside my august Jolie box

Inside my August 2012 JolieBox

Dr bronners Magic all in one soaps 
I received three samples of these soaps, currently ive put them aside for when I travel. 

Jolie song card
A downloadable credit for the song on the card
did you download yours, did you like this song??

Phil Smith dry clean revitalising dry shampoo
My hair and scalp tend to be on the drier side so I dont use these products plus I feel that they are abit of a gimmick as you can just use baby powder to absorb any oil on your hair roots. 

Cut by fred 
I didnt get this product, let me know if youve managed to do anything special with yours. to me its just a ribbon, and I tend to not use ribbons as they dont provide me with the hold my voluminous hair requires. I am thinking friendship bracelets and jewellery though!

So susan lip cushion 
this came in very pretty packaging that was alot bigger than the lipbalm so I thought I was going to find something big, but its a nice small dinky container with a pink tinted glittery lip balm 

So susan wide awake palette 
Susan is the lady behind Jelly pong pong, Im not sure if shes sold that business but shes back using her own name now and with similar products. 
This palette contains two cream makeups to use as camouflage one is an illuminator for under eyes and the other is a highlighter to use on cheeks and other parts of your face that you would want to highlight.  It also contains a brow kit however the brow powders are actually shimmery shades of smokey plum and moss green, I've not been tempted to use this palette yet i may save it for gift time as i feel it may not be for me which is a shame as I like the idea of it even though concealers and brows are a rare combination. 

Do you use any of these products ?? 



FOTD:- Featuring Mac Marilyn monroe legendary and pure zen and swatches

 I never could have imagined that the mac marilyn monroe collection could be so successful.
But ofcourse I wanted my share of the collection,  unfortunately it was very late before I managed to get to my local Mac counter at my local Debenhams store. And most of the items (that I wanted, anyway) had sold out, boo hoo. but thats another story, because i'd already put in an order for the Lipstick in 'pure zen' and the blush in 'legendary' from selfridges and these are definitely two of my most worn items from the whole collection.

on my face 
Mac pro longwear foundation 'nc30'
Mac pro longwear concealer 'nc30'
Clininque double face powder 'beige'
Mac Blush 'legendary'

On my eyes
Ysl smoky eyeshadow collecter palette (white, silver, black glitter)
Mac fluidline 'blacktrack'
Mac lash primer
Mac mascara 'opulash'
Benefit brows a gogo 

On my lips 
Mac l/s 'pure zen'

Both legendary and pure zen work together in perfect harmony to create a very peachy nude look, and look equally amazing with a nude eye look or a dramatic smokey look, I have kept my look quite light and easily wearable for everyday.

Pure zen is a repromote from a previous collection and so has the only name throughout the collection that has nothing to do with the life of Marilyn Monroe. My personal thoughts for the reason for this is that the pure zen lipstick is such a similar shade to the blush as you can see in the swatches above. 

Mac Marilyn monroe pure zen lipstick swatched on the lips.

I have purchased all of the lipsticks and the two blushes as I feel that this is all that i need from the collection, I did not want to go too mad.

What did you get/miss from this collection?



Friday, 19 October 2012

NOTD:- Ciate Bon bon

Dont you just love the packaging of the Ciate nail paint pots?  I actually have abit of a 'bow' obsession, I think bows are just so cute and adorable, I like bows in my accessories and in my jewellery on my clothes, on my presents...... I think you get the picture. 

My hands are still quite weak and therefore its still a miracle that I manage to paint my nails at all, let alone get a neat application. Im wearing two coats as one coat of Ciate formula tends to apply quite streaky, and you can probably see I have a booboo due to the nail polish still being damage-able 15-20 minutes after application. I usually prefer to do my nails of the day without top coats as some top coats such as the one that I mainly use , Seche vite tends to alter the colour. 

I love love love this shade, its so hard to describe but Ill have to say that bonbon is a sweet, creamy, milky, baby, taupe, and I thank Marie Claire for having this freeby with the magazine.

I think this shade is suitable for absolutely any occasion and any season it so light that its almost pastel like, but being a taupe shade makes it very universal, and being a neutral shade it goes with everything.

Which Ciate nail pots do you have or even similar shades from other brands?



Tuesday, 16 October 2012

FOTD:- A Mac Pro LongWear look

This is a very quick and simple daytime look that is based on mainly Mac pro longwear 
products and featuring the new new Mac office hours pro longwear Blush in blush all day !

On My Face 
Mac Pro Longwear foundation nc30
Mac Pro longwear concealer nc30
Clinique Double face powder 'beige'
Mac Pro longwear blush 'blush all day'

Mac pro longwear eyeshadow in 'sweet satisfaction'
Mac fluidline in 'blacktrack' on upper and lower lashline 
Mac mascara

Gale hayman liplift 
Mac pro longwear lipcreme in 'overtime'

Mac pro longwear eyeshadow in 'sweet satisfaction'
I already had the pro longwear eyeshadow in sweet satisfaction from when it was first launched it and fell in love with it instantly, its a very neutral eyeshadow and its somewhere in between mac all that glitters and mac satin taupe, both of which i own and love and now I love this more. its very smooth and pigmented in fact I like to apply this with my finger onto my eyelid and I have already made a dip into this eyeshadow which is rare for me. 

Mac Pro longwear Blush in 'Blush all day' 
Again, I instantly fell in love with this blush in the same way as i fell in love with the eyeshadow, its a very neutral colour that is a tad peachy, which is very complimentary on my golden beige/nc30 skin tone, so this was a must have for me. I also loved the theme of the mac office hours collection-The story of my life, stationary and cosmetics! if you opened my work drawers amongst snacks you would find a combination of all the stationary you could need as well as all the makeup you could want. 
Infact even at home I often find stationary items creep into my makeup area and my beauty items on my desk -lol!

Mac pro longwear lipstick in 'overtime' 
again I picked this up with the original pro longwear lipcremes, for me this was the best option, its a ery light pink, and is very pigmented and great for covering up pigmented lips like mine. I dont think that these lipsticks should cost more that the normal lipsticks though theyre not that special! this lipstick is like the pink sister of mac 'myth' lipstick. I dont like the packaging of these lipsticks if you bring the lipstick up you have ti push it back down with your finger which is uber-annoying! and its the same story for both shades that I own from this range, the other lipstick is 'good to go' a very orange lipstick that ive already featured in my holiday makeup bag post. 

Most items available from Debenhams,  House of Fraser

I hope you enjoyed this post
thanx for stopping by. 


My October GlossyBox 2012

The October Glossybox just arrived about an hour ago in perfect timing for me to blog about it. 

Theres also a cute little breast cancer support sticker but none of the items specifically relate to breast cancer care or special editions. 

 Its titled 'DIY Beauty' and I was expecting alot of masks and scrubs and facial or bodycare types of items, but I dont think that theres alot of DIY products in there other than the body scrub.

Items in the box 
Anatomicals dont just clean it woman, scrub it, body scrub 
Skinetica Anti blemish
Dr.Jart + premium BB beauty balm all in one wonder spf40
Olay Regenerist 3 point treatment cream
Yves Rocher moisturising cream lipstick 106 Mauve 

The BB Cream seems quite pale its actually neutral undertoned but luckily its very sheer and sinks straight in. could work on light to medium skin tones but might look ashy on dark to deep skintones. 
It reminds me of clinique city block sheer spf25. I do wish that this item was in one of the summer glossyboxes though this would make a great on the go, or holiday bag item.

I was quite excited to see that the lipstick shade I was sent is mauve but mauve can be translated so differently from brand to brand if you consider that mac describes the shade 'snob' as 'a ladylike mauve' but I feel its a very cool light pinky shade. 
This is a deeper mauve quite neutral brown with plummy undertone, the lipstick is very creamy and I feel that the shade is perfect for this Autumn winter season I think that i will slip this lipstick straight into my handbag for on the go, although its not a wear-with-everything lipstick shade but its  a nice colour to have in addition to other shades that i'm currently carrying. 
It also reminds me of my new Chanel lipstick in Charactere.

I hope this was helpful, Do you get the glossybox, Ifso whats in your box?



Wednesday, 10 October 2012

FOTD:- A very Bollywood inspired look

Featuring Mac Mickey Contractor Athma  eyeshadow quad

I decided to be abit adventurous and had a little play with some makeup items  whilst I had a short time to kill before I collected my son from school, adventurous because this isnt a typical school run type of look although I love this look for everyday for anyone who wants to add a little extra glamour this look is best on medium to darker skintones but as I always say you can wear anything you want to!

What Im wearing 
Black swing/trench coat from new look 
Jeans and tshirt not shown from new look 
Sunglasses are Dior from harvey nichols
Diamonique earrings from qvc (not visible)
Ive been using my Longchamp tote alot since the accident as its light and I can hang it on my shoulder 


          Face Makeup
Mac Pro Longwear foundation NC30
Mac Pro Longwear concealer NC30
Clinique Double Face powder in beige
Mac Supernova blush

Mac prep and prime eye base 
all eyeshadows from the Mac Athma quad 
Jaan all over lid 
Vivah on outer lid 
Folie in crease 
Carbon outer v and lower lashline 
Mac Black track fluid line upper and lower lashline and inner rim/waterline 
Mac prep and prime lash primer  
Mac Opulash mascara 
Benefit brows a gogo light and dark blended in brows 

Revlon Fuchsia lipstick 
(as a dupe for mac Ghulabi lipstick)

What do you think about this look? 


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Whats in my Travel makeup bag

Although I would'nt quite call it a holiday,  but we went on an out of town, overnight stay, kind of day out, thingy-ma-bob during the kids school holidays just a good chance for me to get out after the accident and relax a little. 

So I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to share a whats in my travel makeup bag kind of post with you all :) 

For the most part I took my everyday items, as well as my prep and prime products since I want to look good in any holiday pictures, and most o all my most trust worthy and easy to travel items.

Here you can see (almost) all of the cosmetic things I took with me (as stated above the blush seems to have walked off for the family makeup picture)

The Skincare items were kept sweet and simple 
Estee lauder Perfectly clean face wash cleanser 
Dior Capture totale eye serum/ cream
Clinique all about eyes eye serum roll on 
Supergoop SPF30 Everyday moisturiser and sunblock in one 
(I was sent a super tiny sample of this and loved it so much I went out and bought more supergoop products!)

I also took my GHD's because we have a love connection ;)
ohh and LCN nail polish that either I got in my Glossy box or Jolie box.

Cargo essential eyeshadow palette 
(also works as an eyebrow palette so I left benefit brows a gogo at home) 
Benefit eyeshadow in Leggy and Brandy from Benefit Celebutante
Eyeko skinny eyeliners in emerald green and midnight blue in case I want to add a pop of colour to my eye looks as i'm carrying neutral eyeshadows
Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner in black
Eyeko skinny brush Mascara 
Mac prep and prime lash primer 
Mac black track fluidline gel liner 
and mini Mac 209 liner brush
Mac eyebrow pencil in spike 

Benefit Hoola Bronzer for contouring (depotted from a benefit blush palette)
Benefit Dandelion as a light subtle baby pink blush/ highlighter (depotted from a benefit blush palette)
Benefit Dallas blush that I love (depotted from the Celebutante kit)
Benefit eyeshadows leggy (nude) Dandy Brandy (brown) from the benefit Celebutante kit 
YSL Blush Variation in Coriandre 
Mac studio sculpt concealer depotted into a mac sample jar 

my holiday was near the time of eid and I was loving orange which I think is clearly reflected
in my choice of lip and cheek colours 
 I think YSL Coriandre blush is a gorgeous near dupe of Nars Taj mahal blush 
but in more convenient and prettier packaging. 

Mac prep and Prime Vibrancy Eye 
Mac prep and prime face primer -original 
Mac prep and prime face primer spf50
Mac Studio sculpt concealer in NC30
Mac studio sculpt foundation in NC30
Mac Mineralize skinfinish natural in medium and highliter duo
Mac studio fix powder in NC35 I bought this a shade up for extra colour 

Lancome (shimmery pink) lipgloss
Revlon just bitten kissable lip stain in rendezvous 
Mac pro longwear lip creme in good to go
Mac slimshine in missy 

I decided to take my Royal and Langnickel Silk pro brush kit 
It also has extra brushes that I bought individually in addition to the brushes that came in the set 
as well as a Jemma kidd flat foundation brush 
Smashbox eyeliner brush
Smashbox brow brush 
and mac 208, 209 and 210 eyeliner brushes

Cosmetic items bought from Boots, Debenhams, MAC, Benefit
I hope you found this post interesting 
Have you traveled recently? What did you take with you? 
What are you loving right now? Do you have any of these items?