Thursday, 26 August 2010

A hair mask for before you shampoo??

REVIEW:- Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I darent say the word but Ill try to spell it 
Philip kingsley is the first known Trichologist (hair doctor)

from celebs to royalty 
hes done them 
apparently this treatment was invented for Audrey Hepburn 
well in that case give it to me give it to me 
She must be one of the worlds top most beautiful women in history! 
Ill gladly use what she does

So basically in one word this products is a pre-shampoo-hair-treatment-mask 
so you use about a small teaspoon spread into dirty unwashed damp hair 
I use atleast 2 tablespoon, I know it might be wasting but it might be better too! right?
you leave it in for 3 minutes but once again I apply it when I decide im gonna wash my hair and leave it on for as long as possible 
you have to wear a plastic granny style shower cap hair protecting piece thingy
but I put a towel over it, in the meantime I often use a facemask and possibly remove old nail polish
and get stuff ready or get on with some housework 

you then shampoo, conditioner and hair mask as normal
I find my hair is softer and shinier when I use this 

I guess in a way its a sophisticated version of asian hair oil as it contains Castor oil

if you feel that at over £20 this is too expensive 
just use good old neat castor oil 
my mums been using it for years and she had Amazing hair naturally 
she was never in to blow drying and heat styling the way me and my sisters and most girls out there are now accustomed to she didnt need it, just pretty hair styles and pretty accessories

I hope you all enjoyed this post 

What products are you using on your hair 
-Im always on the look out for great products 

Thank you babes x

REVIEW :- Ojon haircare

My current haircare products 

I actually mix and match my hair care as and when needed
Im a bit of a sicko in the way that I like to use matching products -lol
(from the same range)
I feel that they will work better, like in symphony !

I have been using Ojon products for a good few years now 
Its definitely too expensive in my opinion 
But then so are other brands that Im using on my hair
(Phillips kingsley, Fredderick Fekkai, Redken and others)

there are a few different ranges within this brand
I use the Ojon Ultra hydrating Shampoo and conditioner 
as my hair is very dry and requires maximum moisture and hydration 
when I was my hair with most shampoos my hair tangles and knots and sticks together
I did not have this issue with this shampoo -which is a good sign for me !

The conditioner is quite thick and yellow and reminds me of custard 
(and makes me miss cake)
and I use too much but I like to masque my hair in conditioner especially if im not using a hair masque but I usually do

I use the Ojon hydrating mist whilst my hair is still damp
for extra hydration and also on dry hair just before I brush it through and style my hair 
I also use this hydrating spray in the mornings to help to detangle and freshen my childrens hair 

The tub you can see is pure Ojon it is the dried/solid oil of the palm nut 
which grows in rainforests, it has a sweetish toffee type of smell
you are supposed to use this as a quick pre-shampoo treatment 
but being of asian origin I have grown up knowing the importance of oiling your hair and leaving it in for maximum time possible ie overnight

The company claim to be eco friendly in that they create jobs amongst
the people of the rainforests who farm these products 

The company also claims that the hair absorbs this natural oil and plumps the hair up offering instant volume of the hair strand 

I believe that the company has recently been purchased by the Estee lauder group 

and is now available in department stores like John lewis 
but was initially only available at QVC
The above picture is of a mini kit which would cost £25
I have these products in super sizes which are triple the full sizes

I will review my other hair products soon 
this includes frederick fekkai and phillip kingsley

as well as a couple of good onesIve tried recently off of the high street! 

let me know if youd like more hair posts? 
Ive had video requests for it but never got around to it

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

REVIEW :- Honey B wash me

I usually have to use handwash from L’occitane and Molton brown as I have very sensitive skin which is on the dry side, I am not keen on soap bars where sharing is concerned just from a health and hygiene point of view I feel that pump dispensers are best! I find my hands are parched after using alot of handwashes and soaps, especially as a young yummy mummy, with my hands constantly in and out of water, I feel that daily tasks can really take their toll on my hands especially.

Because my hands are always on show I like to keep my hands clean, well groomed and time allowing -well polished!

I was really interested in trying Honey B handwash by Scottish fine soaps.

The packaging is super cute, its shaped like a bee-hive and the handwash is a pretty golden yellow shade which can be seen through the sheer bottle, it looks really nice on my wash basin in my bathroom.

(Im not going to throw the bottle away Im going to refill this one coz its purdy! )

It is water based and contains sodium laureth sulphate for its cleansing properties, similar to higher priced brands like Philosophy and has natural honey in it.

It lathers nicely and leaves the most subtle smell -something Im really liking about the products from this brand as I tend to like to wear very expensive perfumes and I dont like my toiletries to over-power my perfume! although my hands do feel slightly dry but not over un-comfortably dry and I’ve not had any soreness or redness or rash.

I still need to use some sort of hand moisturiser but not after every hand wash. but this is the same I get with the likes of Molton brown and L’occitane .

This is something that I would happily purchase again as it is an all round good product

(my 3 Ps -Packaging, Product, Price) it costs £6.95 and is available online at

I have found that scottish fine soaps are also now available in select John Lewis stores for those of you in the UK!

Picture taken with my iphone 3GS

Disclaimer I was sent this product.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A request to my subscribers

Please help me to become a Clinique Ambassador

All I need is 10 people to volunteer and sign up to the clinique website
thats all!

If you are reading this please dont think about how many people may have already signed up
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instructions below

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Monday, 16 August 2010

Im a Clinique Ambassador

I was sent this kit from Clinique as part of the Clinique Ambassadors Challenge

I have to use this kit for two weeks and report my experiences

I have to review Clinique products

I also need support from my subscribers

I need you to register on

and register using my ambassador code which is

Plz plz plz register because its part of my challenge that atleast 10 people register using my ambassadors code
Im not 100% sure but I think theres a chance that you get a free sample too

If not then Ill do a clinique giveaway out of my own pocket coz I do buy lots of clinique and I get alot of quarter size products that Im happy to share with you

Thank you

REVIEW:- Sally Hansen nail polish

Sally Hansen Diamond strenghth no chip nail color
in 04 Royal Icing
This is the first time I have tried a nail polish from Sally Hansen
Im mostly a OPI and Nails inc nail polish snob

I had the urge to try something new
so I decided to try Sally Hansen Nail color
the light colours were mainly pearly and had a blue tinged mother of pearl finish which did not interest me as you can buy thee from everywhere now
this colour appealed to me as it is the lightest baby pink and has the tinyest silver shimmer
its called royal icing and reminds me of icing on a cupcake

I put on quite a thick layer and allowed it to dry for about 5-10 minutes whilst I tweeted away on my mac book

The polish dried to a thin layer so I know its really adhered to my nails
I dislike it when some lacquers dry thickly because then they are prone to knocks and get indents in the colour and you get little hairline scratches
I do have a small mark on one of my nails but I was typing away so I cant blame the polish as it is a tiny mark on only one nail.

I love nude nails and nail polishes because you just look very polished and complete and well groomed, and with lighter colours mistakes are less visible which is important for me as I am a busy mum on the go. My all time favourite is a french Manicure and even if I dont have time and patience for that atleast I can use colours such as this.

I hope you enjoyed this

thank you to my subscribers
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Raspcherry X

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Urban decay Book of shadows 3 available now


I have placed my order for my Urban decay book of shadows 3rd edition

The palette is available exclusively online at

it is priced at £30 which I feel is quite reasonable considering the cost of a single urban decay shadow.

I obviously had to share this news with all of you.

you get a free GWP this is a eyeliner pencil I think its a 24/7 but I did not check the shade
all you have to do is purchase two urban decay items and you will have this automatically added to your order

if you hurry up and order you will also get a free Bare minerals mini foundation with mini kabuki brush -perfect for on the go, this offer will expire and is added automatically to all beauty orders

Please remember to subscribe so that I can notify you of special offers as they happen as Im usually aware of promotions from alot of big brands

such as nars, clinique, lancome etc

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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Affordable eye makeup remover

Highstreet eye makeup removers for super heavy makeup

So you have probably realised that although Im a neutral makeup girl but I love to be creative and express myself with bold and beautiful colour combinations
I find that cleansing alone is not enough to remove makeup so I use a makeup remover first
I find that as most makeup is on my eyes, makeup remover wipes are super convenient to remove all traces of makeup before cleansing and moisturising.
I find makeup wipes are good for occasional use but for more frequent use I prefer proper cleansing. Nothing beats the refreshing feeling of a cleansed face !

Johnsons priced about £4
I think there are about 20 in the tub
these smell nice,
and are super luxurious each pad is almost like this velour pads you can use for powder makeup application.
they are impregnanted with an oily eye makeup remover solution
you are supposed to use 1 pad per eye but I snip them in half to make them ther perfect shape to cover my lid, I let the solution saturate my makeup and then I get impatient and rub the makeup off -lol!

at £4 they are still affordable but theres another product I have found that beats these value wise.

Boots eye makeup remover pads
these are cheap as chips I think they are less than £2 and you get 40 pads
they are small and thin and have alot of oily solution on them
it is best if you use one on each eye however if you want to save money you can flip the pad over and use the other side if you are not wearing too much makeup.

Thanx for subscribing

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Swatch:- Smashbox masquerade lip enhancing gloss in reveal

limited edition lipgloss its a creamy nude colour but is super golden pearl
I dont like the smell/taste but smashbox products are usually unfragranced however I found 'parfum' amongst the ingredients list . . . hmmmmmm
its paraben free so you have to use it up once opened
its also cruelty free for all of you bunny lovers!!

I hope this post was helpful
let me know your thoughts

Raspcherry X

FOTD:-Mermaid inspired look

Fun mermaid inspired look

using my new Sleek circus palette
I almost didnt get it because of the name
because circuses have clowns
and I dont want to look like a clown

Products Used
Mac Studio fix fluid foundation
Mac studio sculpt concealer
Mac studio fix powder
Benefit hoola bronzer to sculpt
Mac Sunbasque blush

paintely painpot
Sleek circus shadow palette
yellow, green, light blue, navy, purple, black, white
loreal liquid liner
ELF dramatic lashes
mac zoom lash mascara

Mac myth lipstick
Smashbox masquerade lipgloss in reveal

I hope you enjoyed this post
I think I will re-do this look again for better photography purposes
these pics were taken using my webcam

thanx for subscribing

Raspcherry X

EOTD:- Mermaid inspired eyes

Featuring new ltd ed Circus palette by Sleek

Yep thats me working hard!

This look was inspired by mermaids
I used the following colours which used together reminds me of mermaids
lime green
light blue
Navy blue

Products Used
Sleek Circus eyeshadow palette
in above mentioned shades
Loreal liquid liner in carbon black
ELF glamour lashes
mac black liner
mac zoom lash mascara

I think that mermaids are the princesses of the sea
Like Ariel from Disneys the little mermaid
I hope you like this look
I had fun doing it
maybe Ill do it again so that I can have clearer day time out door pics

Thanx for subscribing

Raspcherry X

Friday, 13 August 2010

FOTD:-Moss green and fuschia purple eye look

I picked up my Smashbox beauty to go palette today and Im loving it I will ofcourse review the palette but I was desperate to try some looks using it, and here is the first.

I didnt know which colour to start from so I asked my mum which was her favourite colour and she chose the fuschia purple and then immediately chose the green too, so I decided to use these both.
Products used
Revlon colorstay foundation normal/dry 180 sand beige
mac select concealer nw25 under eyes
Smashbox Halo powder light
Clinique bronzer in sunkissed as contour
Clinique blushing blush in bashful blush
Smashbox Palette
shade 13 (brown cream) as base on lid
shade 10 moss green on lid
shade 11 fuschia purple in crease and lower lashline
shade 3 buttercream as highlight and inner corners
mac engraved liner
loreal superliner on upper and lower lashline
NYC black glamour lashes
maybelline lipstick in pinky beige

I hope you like this look
let me know your thoughts Im hoping to do a few FOTDs using this palette

Thanx for visiting and thanx for subscribing

Raspcherry X

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadows

A trip in the history of book of shadows

All the makeup addicts are really excited about the upcoming Urban Decay book of shadows volume III

This will in fact be the fourth book of shadows
as there were three prior to this one
but the third was a collaboration with Disney and was therefore the Alice in wonderland limited edition book of shadows

Alice in wonderland ltd ed Book of Shadows
The original Urban Decay book of shadows

Urban Decay book of Shadows 2

Urban Decay book of shadows 3

Im really liking the colours in this kit the shades are really pretty
do you think you might buy it ?

I hope you enjoyed this post

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Ill get back to you as soon as I can

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Urban Decay Naked Palette

So to all my subscribers in the UK I thought Ill share some info with you all because you know I like to do that.

The official launch date for the Urban Decay Naked Palette to launch in the UK is set to 06-september-2010 at Debenhams anyway, so mark your diaries, and maybe I'll see you there!

BarryM pressed shadows available now

Barry M goes pressed!

The rumours were out for quite some time that it would be happening and now it has

There are eight trios available.

I found these at superdrugs Im not sure if boots has stocked up yet or not
just pop in and find out

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Haul:- Highstreet stuffies

Sometimes the best things can be found on the high street

Elnett hairspray ltd ed cheryl cole
Glam shine Reflexion lipgloss in sheer cassis
Glamshine juice lipgloss pink
Bourjois Nailpolish remover
Max factor translucent loose powder
Max Factor False lash effect mascara
Free max factor GWP includes
toe separator, mini nail plish, mini lipstick, mini shadow, mini mascara, mini liner

Elnett Hairspray is yearz old, it definitely has a cult following, many stylist rate this higher than more expensive brands, and the main point is that it is still around.
I used to buy really expensive hairsprays but when I realised this simple fact, I moved to Elnett!

I think everyone knows That Cheryl Cole is L'oreals new model, shes so lucky they dedicated their top seller product to her and put her face on a limited edition can!

I have always been a fan of the Glam Shine lipglosses, The above purple shade is mass advertised, it is Cheryl coles favourite shade, it is a plummy colour Ill do a proper lip swatch for you sometime or incorporate it into a FOTD.
I also picked up a pretty pink shade as it was on offer 2 for £12

Max Factor was doing a GWP so I picked two items
Their translucent Loose powder which is one of my fave loose powders ever!
And I picked up the waterproof version of their False lash effect mascara which is definitely my favourite High street mascara, the waterproof version is a nightmare to remove.

I used to be a big fan of OPI nail polish remover and would rarely use anything else until Nails inc became available and I would purchase either OPI or nails inc.
One day i happened to try the bourjois nailpolish remover just for testing purposes and I really was impressed quality wise a small difference but not a huge difference and a saving of about 75% on the premium brand versions. So Im not saying Im never going to buy the expensive ones but for now Im happy with this one, the other thing is that there is a small hole in the top so that remover will not gush out if you drop it, its these small things that make me appreciate products!

I dont usually just buy celebrity inspired things unless I feel it fits a purpose for me

I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to leave youre comments Ill try to get back to you as soon as I can.

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Raspcherry X

EOTD:- Turquoise and brown

Ofcourse I had to try the Elf palettes they are pretty good and some colours are dupes of Famous mac shades, currently I have the sparkle eyes palette and the day palette and Im quite happy with both my MAC palettes are so precious to me and im always worried that the shadows are going to smash, so I prefer these to travel with.
I think if you havent started a mac palette collection save the money buy some diamonds and use these palettes

Products Used
Mac face and body foundation
Mac prep and prime eye primer
Elf sparkle eyes palette and Day palette
Turquoise shade all over lid and lower lashline
Dark brown outer corners
Medium brown Tan shade in crease
Mac blitz and glitz gel liner along lashline
mac zoom lash mascara

Teamed with
Elf blush bronzer palette
and Mac money honey dazzleglass

I hope you liked this post
would you like me to do more looks using affordable makeup such as elf ?

Affordable Dupe for my Cargo essential palette

Max Factor Trio Eyeshadow palette in 01 coco crazy

For all of those in the UK that are not able to buy the Cargo essential palette or want a cheaper alternative -Ive found one.
This one has three colours and not four,
you simply use the light colour on the browbone, the medium colour on the lid and the dark colour as liner, or outer v or along the creaseline, for brunettes you can use the dark colour in your brows but it wont be enough for true black brows

The palette is by Max factor -a brand I really trust because they have been in the industry for so long and they really know their stuff!

I hope you liked this post thanx for subscribing

Raspcherry X

FOTD:- Cult beauty look

This was a super fun look to do
I used all items that I usually use
but I used them all together
Every item has a cult following

Products Used
Laura mercier foundation in ivory beige
Amazing cosmetics concealer in light
Clinique invisible blend loose powder
Nars bronzer in Laguna
Nars blush in Orgasm

Mac painterly paintpot as base
Mac Satin taupe on lid
Mac cork in crease
Mac Mulch outer V, lower lashline upper lashline,
Vanilla inner crease and highlight
Mac eyeliner in smoulder
Bobbi brown gel liner in black
Mascara zoom lash
Ardell demi lashes

Chanel rouge coco lipstick in Mademoiselle
Lancome juicy tube

The only theme running in this look is that each item must have eithe a celebrity or cult following, Usually I use these seperately in co-ordinated looks
but I think that I did quite well

Do you use any of these products?

Thanx for subscribing

Raspcherry X

EOTD:-Smokey black and gold

This is my smokey black and gold face of the day look but just the eye makeup posted as Eye of the day.
I love how the bronze lash overlay shows up in person and adds drama and bling to a smokey look
I also love the shimmery golden black loose shadow as opposed to using matte

Barry M chubby pencil as base on lid and lower lashline
Barry M Black gold dazzledust on lid ad lower lash line
Brown dazzledust in crease
Bronze dazzledust above crease
Gold dazzle dust as highlight
NYC lashes
MAC zoom lash mascara
Smashbox Masquerade liquid liner/overlay in bronze on upper half of lashes

Haul:- MAC spring Colour forecast, and too fabulous

Sorry this is late, I have so much back log and pending posts, but I thought better late than never, Atleast My intentions are good x

I got 2 blush ombres from the various collections
They are the size of mac face powders
There is a mineralize blush and 2 lip pencils from the too fabulous collection
I also bought the nailpolish in abalone shell
-yep you guessed it that post is also pending!

Products purchased from Spring Colour forecast
Blush Ombre in ripe Peach
Blush Ombre in springshine
Nail Lacquer Abalone shell (not pictured)

Products purchased from too fabulous
Mineralize blush in Rhapsody in two
lipliners in Naked x2
Cremesheen lipglass in Just superb (not pictured)

Sorry again that this is soo late , but itmeans that you would have all had a chance to buy from this collection Id love to know what you got.

Thanx for subscribing
Raspcherry X

Random just for fun

I love to experiment with my makeup but sometimes i just play with my makeup
The other day i just sat down and swatched all of my MAC blushes on my face

I didnt write down in order which blushes I have -sorry!

Maybe Ill do a proper swatch collection like I did for my Clinique lipstick collection
-let me know your thoughts
the above also containts beauty powders and MSFs

Thanx for visiting

Raspcherry X

FOTD:-Wearable smokey grey using togetherness

I used Mac mineralize trio in Togetherness from the collection
In the groove

This look is a really quick and simple look that is perfect for anyone who doesnt have the time or know how to do a traditional smokey look but wants similar results

Products Used
Smashbox demaxyl photo finish primer
Bobbi brown moisture rich in cool beige
Laura mercier secret agent concealer in 02 under eyes
Clinique invisible blend loose powder
Smashbox Bronze lights in sunkissed matte as blush

Painterly paintpot as base
MAC togetherness mineralize trio
Grey all over the lid
Purple outer half crease and lower lashline
lavender inner corner and above crease
no highlight just painterly left bare with clinique loose powder to set
Estee lauder double wear liquid liner
Mac powerpoint in engraved inner rim
mac opulash mascara

Mac naked liner all over lips
Nars turkish delight lipgloss

I hope you like this look

Thanx for visiting my blog
feel free to comment -Ill get back to you as soon as I can

Raspcherry X

Haul:- MAC in the groove

MAC in the groove haul

I may have possibly, slightly overdone it on this one
considering I only wanted 'cool calm collected' and 'blue my mind' trios

Tha above stuff is still in the original MAC pro delivery box
In the box
In the groove e/s trio
Togetherness e/s trio
Blue my mind e/s trio
Calm, cool and collected e/s trio
Making it easy e/s trio
New Vibe blush duo
Band of roses blush duo

These are the things I bought from debenhams the day the collection arrived
they are still in the internationally famous MAC bag -tada!

MSF in stereo rose
e/s trio in love to love

Thanx for visiting and thanx for subscribing
Id love to know -What did you get?

FOTD:- Wearable Green Mehndi party look

This was quite a simple yet fun and somewhat traditional look that I wore to my friends Mehndi party, it went on all evening and throughout the night.
It was a good opportunity for me to try out the New 'calm, cool and collected mineralize shadow trio' from the latest MAC in the Groove collection.

Products Used
Mac Select foundation
Mac select concealer
Mac select loose powder
Mac MSF Stereo Rose

Mac painpot painterly
Mac mineralize trio in love to love
Dark brown in crease, light shade as highlight
Mac mineralize shadow trio in calm, cool and collected
Dark green in outer corner and crease and lower lash
medium green on lid and light green inner corner
Mac gel liner in blacktrack
Mac zoom mascara
Ardell Demi lashes

Mac Peachstock lipstick
MAC dazzleglass in Money, Honey.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Review:- Smashbox Masquerade liquid eyeliner and overlay

Yay, I found my camera lead so as promised here are some better pics of the Smashbox Masquerade ltd ed Liquid liner and lash overlay

I love liquid liners that come with a brush because the application is smoother on the lid
The formula is a similar consistency to MAC liquid last but this stuff washes off -yay!
The colour is like molton metal.
Its dramatic in a very blingy way!
You can see the grooves on the side of the applicator this basically acts as a wand-less mascara wand tto add a metallic effect to your lashes as per the picture below

This look is from my FOTD and is the Black and gold smokey look
there is a list of products used and basic method listed.

I hope you like this look

Please do comment and ill get back to you and thank you for subscribing -Its free!

Raspcherry X

FOTD:- Black gold Smokey look

I love playing with my makeup and the dramatic changes you can get from subtle changes

MAC select fluid foundation
Smashbox halo hydrating powder
Benefit Hoola for contouring
Benefit Dallas Blush

Barry M chubby pencil as base on lid and lower lashline
Barry M Black gold dazzledust on lid ad lower lash line
Brown dazzledust in crease
Bronze dazzledust above crease
Gold dazzle dust as highlight
NYC lashes
MAC zoom lash mascara
Smashbox Masquerade liquid liner/overlay in bronze on upper half of lashes

Maybelline moisture lipstick in baby brown over gosh darling lipstick

I hope you like this look

Monday, 9 August 2010

REVIEW:- Smashbox Masquerade liquid eyeliner and lipgloss

The complete Smashbox Masquerade ltd ed Fall 2010 collection
I have the Golden coloured glossand the bronze coloured liner

I think the whole collection looks gorgeous
I love the look of the eye palette :)

Smashbox is now available in the UK in Debenhams stores and online at

I have used the Smashbox masquerade liquid eyeliner and lash overlay along both upper and lower lashline
I used pigment over the lower lashline in heritage rouge
and I have used the lash overlay applicator to add a golden effect to my lashes
you can see the golden along side the black lashes in the above picture

The liner has a brush applicator but has notches cut out of the wand to allow ease of use to tint lashes over black mascara

Smashbox Masquerade Lip enhancing gloss is a moisturising Lipgloss and follows the smashbox tradition of no smell and no taste though there is a slight smell from the ingredients
I have the colour bronze which is sheer golden colour but has gold and rose gold pearly shimmer.
The lipgloss is a large size and is compareable to a MAC dazzleglass

I have used this gloss to tone down a deep red clinique lipstick in the above picture

I think both of these shades are useable for those people who like to incorporate gold into their looks -yes thats me :) !!!

I cant find my camera USB lead so I cannot upload the pics of the liner and gloss until I find it -sorry babes :(

These products were sent to me to review :)

FOTD:-Arabic bronze look for bridal

Products Used

Smashbox healthy FX HD foundation
MAC select concealer
Smashbox Photofinish primer with demaxyl
Smashbox halo hydrating perfecting powder
Smashbox photo finish targeted pore and line primer
Benefit hoola bronzer to contour
Benefit Dallas as blush

MAC paintpot painterly
MAC pigment Cocomotion
MAC pigment Heritage rouge
Cargo essential palette crease colour and highlight colour
Smashbox Masquerade Liquid liner and lash overlay in bronze
on lower and upper lashline and over faux lashes
Ardell Demi 101 lashes
Clinique red lipstick
Smashbox lip enhancing gloss in Reveal

I did my friends makeup for her Nikkah

You have probably all heard me going on about my friends wedding
I am so happy for her I wish her the best of luck in her married life
I have been asked to see the look I did on her
she wanted smokey but traditional gold and red as well
I used mainly MAC products

Sunday, 8 August 2010

I was playing with some henna mehndi today

I love how soothing the actual application of mehndi is
Its been a long time since I have applied mehndi to anyone
so I didnt feel as fluent with the mehndi as I could
but I was just playing on my own hand so it doesnt really matter
ill be back up to my usual pro level soon ;)

A little bit of background about Henna Mehndi

Henna mehndi is an ancient art form from Pakistan/India which really dates back to centuries ago
Henna mehndi plays an important part in the Muslim womans life
it is part of important traditions such as eid and for wedding ceremonies
infact a whole night of celebration is dedicated to Henna Mehndi within a muslim marriage cermony (the same is true within indian marriages)
Where the bride has mehndi applied to hands, feet, arms, legs, she will also have her hair oiled to nourish it so that she can have glossy locks on the wedding day.
Haldi and uptan will be applied to her skin to make her skin glow.
There will be singing and dancing, Dholki (traditional drum) and ofcourse yummy yummy traditional pakistani foods

Henna Mehndi is used for both adorning patterns as well as colouring of the hair

many people from hot countries also use henna as a cooling aid
The cooling mehndi paste is applied all over the head throughout all the hair as the henna is cold
it is left on for either a set period or until it dries
it is then rinsed out
Henna has a very potent smell and also has a colouring effect
it is therefore used as a natural hair dye
Natural Mehndi will come out orange but you can get various colours in home henna dye kits

A simple recipe for making your own home mehndi paste
is natural henna powder
mixed with clean water
mixed until you have your desired consistency
Many people have their own secret ingredients to add depth to the final colour
one way to apply is using a needle
or to use a cone which can be easily filled

Im lazy I buy mines ready made

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