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REVIEW:- Revlon colorstay V Revlon Colorstay

Hehe its funny how Ill run out and buy something the day it launches yet it may take months or even a year to blog about it, well in my defence I like to get a true understanding of the product by using it long enough to really understand the products.

So here goes - Revlon has two varieties in the liquid colorstay foundation range, one is normal dry skin and the other oily combination, if you have alot of breakouts and very uneven skintone and scarring goto the oily combination. If you have dry skin or just normal skin with the odd spot here and there go for the normal dry option, both options are Oil-free. I think the oily option does not have or has very little spf where as the normal one has an spf of 15.
This foundation is a thick foundation and provides quite a high coverage, even more coverage in the oily option as it has more powder pigment.
This product is often compared to MACs studio fix fluid foundation.

To be honest as long as you are using the right skincare you can use either option to suit you as even the shades differ slightly between the two options.

This foundation only requires setting with a transparent powder, however it does dry matte.

I dislike that it does not come with a pump, but its suited to a sponge application so you turn it over on a sponge can be dry, or wet for more sheer coverage, and you will not have wastage and dripping as the bottle can get quite messy from turning and tipping.

This foundations screams out Chanel pro lumiere rip off which is a foundation made to look good in all lights, Lancome has now continued with this theory with their latest foundation.

Photoready comes in just the one formula which suits all skin types and is available in less shades I think 7? or something like that. Its much thinner and comes in (sound the trumpets) a pump

This is lighter in texture so its good for those who do not like the feel of a heavier makeup and it has sparkles in it, not huge chunks of glitter but think mac mineralize satinfinish foundation or peeking into a jar of opened bare escentuals mineral foundation.

it has a spf of 20 but bare in mind makeup SPF differs to a proper sunblock so dont expect to come home peachy toned after a day in the sun you will burn but it should last indoors with small trips outdoors ie a day at the office or college or daylong in cooler weather.

BTW incase you are interested -the shades above are suitable for someone between NC25 to NC30 in mac shades. ie light medium, asian golden yellow undertones.
If you are NC30 to NC35 try 06 medium beige.

 but please swatch your face with no makeup on and go outside the shop with a mirror its better to look silly for a minute than looking stupid day after day.
I have been swatched in bad lighting at expensive counters like clinique and gone out in public looking pink or grey or a recent mac mis-swatch orange-can you say oompa loompa? yukh!

Some Raspcherry Gossip-
One girl in my office who is light skin toned much lighter than me used to powder her face with a cheap highstreet powder I think it was collection 2000 (nothing wrong with the powder itself) but it was the lightest shade and she kept powdering her face again and again and again.
Moral is if it was the right shade she would have only looked 50% bad not 100% bad.

I hope you found this useful
Im always happy to answer questions 

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Pure eyeshadow palettes

This is my Collection of pure palettes
I found these at boots the first one I purchased was the party which is the colourful one at the bottom 

They are small, slim and sleek palettes so they are ideal for travel
and i think these three palettes together will fulfil most peoples personal needs 

one is a smokey palette for nights out 
one is a neutral palette for everyday 
and one is a vibrant coloured one for playful
ofcourse you can mix and match the shades 

These shadows are well pigmented and cost about £10-£15 (cant remember now)
the palette does come with a crummy sponge tip applicator but haleluya it has a brush on the other end 
which is good for emergencies, as I definitely believe it decent brushes 
The palettes also have full size mirrors which I feel every makeup palette should have 
I get so annoyed with palettes that are missing mirrors 
like one of my new faves the too faced natural eye palette (review and fotd coming soon)

Amazingly Ive never heard anything said or done about this brand though Im quite keen on it.

I have a few other pieces from this brand but these are my only palettes 

I think it might be available via Asos now but please dont hold me to that 

Do you have anything from this brand ?? 

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Smashbox Eye wish palette

This palette was launched end of 2009? and I purchased it mid 2010
(on special offer -patience is a virtue bahaha)
Id say this is a great palette for those looking for a palette with some neutral and some vibrant colours 
the palette has both silver and gold shades which is an added bonus 
It also comes with a notebook (the pink binded thing next to the mirror)
The book is good if you struggle with creativity and arent good with creating your own combinations 
or if you are new to eye makeup
Each shade is numbered so you follow instructions like a paint by numbers
The bottom row shades are all cream colours 
that can be used as eye bases like mac paint pots or liners 
Personally I would have preferred more pressed powder shades
but thats because I have ALOT of paintpot and liner products 

A Closer look at the palette

It also comes with a mini eye shadow primer which is really nice 
its one of my favorites 

Im not saying theres anything wrong with them but at present Im not a big fan of urban decay primer potion or too faced shadow insurance

Smashbox has just released the new 2010 version of this which is huge 
I hope to post on that soon 

I hope this post was helpful

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MY Urban decay book of shadows III

I know Ive already posted about the Urban decay book of shadows but these are now pics of my very own UDBOS3 
So I had to obviously share with you all. 

I ordered mines the day it launched.
It launched at Debenhams first -exclusively online 

The palette automatically lights up when you lift up the lid

I think both the girls on the palette look like me sometimes Im a trakky and hoody kinda girl and sometimes Im all blinged out in gold as I often get told!
Which I find mean in a way coz I usually only wear fine jewellery -ohh well!

I took these pictures with my new camera its a compact digital camera 
Samsung 12MP with HD video 
and has a unique beauty shot that airbrushes your face to make you look ... umm Airbrushed!

I think the colours are showing really true 

I did not know that there was a promotion going on at the time 
I just happened to order an eyeshadow single in 'sin'
so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had got a free mini Urban decay eye liner pencil in 'zero' 

 When you order beauty products from Debenhams you will get freebies
I got a few perfume samples for both Men and women it just so happens that L'eau D issey is hubs favourite so he now has a little travel size to take with him on holiday so he can take me on holiday now!

Have you purchased this Palette? 
How are you finding it? 
Im kinda tempted to depot both this and the Alice in wonderland palette as they're so bulky 
but Ill just keep them like this as they are limited edition collectors items 

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Designer Fashion Haul

I am super into fashion 
I always have been 
from trend setting to designing and creating my own garments 
to being obsessed with labels 
yet it seems Ive not really focused on fashion 
I hope this post is the start of a new section of my blog 

If this post is well accepted Ill do lots more fashion posts 

 Boot cut jeans from Ralph lauren 
I adjusted the bottoms as I do not want them to get dirty and damaged! 

 Lilac Tshirt from Hilfiger jeans I got it coz it was really pretty but i try to avoid Hilfiger since I heard rumours that the man is racist !
However I did not see him say this but I still prefer to be safe nastyness is not accepted!

Vibrant purple grape shade polo sport polo shirt -I love!

 Another purple tshirt featuring Pretty sequinned USA flag 

 The back of the purple polo shirt , I like the no3 as its relevant to me 

 2 plain polo shirts for casual wear in black and in navy

Vibrant yellow Tshirt also from Ralph lauren 

Pretty sandal shoes with kitten heels (meow) by Dolce and Gabbana

I hope you liked this post 
I had fun shopping ;)

Raspcherry X

FOTD:- my Quick signature neutral look for girls on the go

Sorry about the pose guys I look, like, super serious!

This is a really quick look suitable for anyone in a hurry and on the go
Whether you are a student, career woman or a yummy mummy
Products used
Nars sheer glow foundation
Garnier tinted eye roll on 
Mac msfn medium dark as bronzer all over as cant be arsed to cover blemises etc individually
Cargo contour palette in 01 malibu on cheeks 
Cargo essential eye palette
Shavata brow pencil in dusk
Rimmel liquid eyeliner 
Bourjois Black khol pencil -smoked on lower lashline and inner rim
Mac viva glam cremesheen gaga lipstick

I chose these products for this look as they are quite easily attainable yet affordable and easily dupe-able!
(most of the products)

this is a light medium coverage foundation for me i treat it like a high coverage tinted moisturiser 
It works, it neutralises under eye circles and its cooling but you cannot massage with this or you will have product overload -in a hurry you can take the concealer on your lid as a cooling eye base
these are mineral based pressed powders so people are less likely to be agitated by them, they are low coverage and give your skin a satin like finish as they are not matte
This palette gives you a bronzer like colour to contour with and a blush colour as well as a highlight colour, the shades are quite neutral and a real no-brainer to use so you dont have to consider your shades in a rush (full review coming soon)
all neutral complimentary colours, all in one place again a no-brainer product
dual ended pencil by the harrods brow queen -Dusk is my perfect match its like mac brun shadow
super cheap available everywhere, precise thin brush in traditional dip pot, decent black shade lasts a long time.
in ultra black, its a really good black, great payoff and pigmentation however it spreads like fire!
I try to buy makeup where contributions are made to charities such as aids and breast cancer 
this is a light pink creamy lipstick great for alot of looks it does not need gloss over

I forgot to mention mascara Ive recently been trying lash enhancing mascaras so far I have tried Loreal, Cargo original and Cargo extreme and recently Revlon. 
I find it saves time to use an enhancing product as I get some natural length

Also I was sent the Cargo contour palette for review -full review coming soon!

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MY first mac pro blush palette

I love love love the look of this palette however Ive now changed it lol -due to the expansion of my blush collection however I decided that i had to share this with you all because it is gorjus!!!

Clove -mac pro blush refill in dark brown
Honour- a pinky gold blush suitable as highlight
Style- peachy pink coral shade super gold shimmer in this makes a perfect highlight for really dark skin
Enough said- ltd ed BPB in light golden brown shimmer shade
Fun and Games- ltd ed light peachy golden shade from hello kitty collection
Tippy- ltd ed BPB, Bright pink, blue based from hello kitty collection.

Do you like my first blush palette?
 I kind of miss it :(


MAC brown based blushes

I thought Id share some of my mac brown based blushes as they are very versatile and suit most if not all skintones.
To be honest you can use any shade on anyone you just have to use it right.
below are just my thoughts and recommendations for best results ofcourse you can buy and use what you want to.

Clove- Pro blush pan deep matte brown shade, great for contouring on skintones darker than nc40
Get away bronze- ltd ed Shimmery bronze shade great as a bronzey blush
Prim and Proper- Ltd ed Neutral shade suits all skintones as its a pink brown
Enough said - ltd ed beauty powder blush, golden shimmery mid brown, suits medium skin tones best.
Garb - ltd ed lightest brown blush shade in a mtte finish fantastic on pale to light skintones.
Light over dark- ltd ed, mineralize duo, neutral shimmery brown, light side can be used as highlight.

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Wanna press your pigments and loose shadows?

Ummm, well I really wanted to as well, I thought it would be very convenient to have all of my Barry M loose shadows pressed into a MAC Palette so that they are easier and more convenient to use.
So I went through the effort of importing empty pans and magnets from a seller in USA and pressed each shadow and I was really happy.
Unfortunately all shadows are weaker in this type of cheap magnet held palette anyway.
but loose powders hand pressed are even weaker and can smash with each tiny little knock.

 The below palette managed to protect its contents more -maybe because its lighter in weight? or maybe because it was used less?
The top palette holds my favourite colours.
Ohh btw pressing can effect the shade of the pigments they may get prettier or worsten but either way their can be a difference.

I hope you found this helpful

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Which MAc foundation is best to use?

I have already said it a million times I dont recommend MAC foundations for daily useage, these products are created for makeup artist with effects in mind not really for daily useage though they may work for some people but many people complain about irritations and break outs

Above is not my complete collection of MAC foundations
I also have Face and body, Studio tech foundation, MAC full coverage foundation, Studio fix powder plus, Studio sculpt I gave away and Select moisture blend I finished.

The above pictured are my best recommendations for mac foundations

For All Skintypes 
MAC select spf15 fluid foundation (pump purchased separately)
This is light medium coverage and has good incredients for your skin so hopefully you should not have skin problems with this
It goes nicely with Select loose powder
MAC- Select sheer loose powder 
which is very fine and light and is not heavy, gives minimal coverage so the wrong colour can affect your foundation and skintone, will stop shine for about 4- hours depending on skin type but hold your foundation longer.
MAC Select Concealer - Gives moderate coverage yet does not cake, in a very hygienic tube and a very generous size so its good value for money.
MAC studio finish concealer -This is a thick and heavy solid concealer, it does give high coverage and has an SPF of 35 -Amazing! I like to carry this in my bag for touchups especially in summer as I have horribly sensitive skin which looks like typical brown asian skin but it burns like a white skin -so not fair!! The bad point is that this may melt and leak at high temperatures!
For dry skins
MAC mineralize Satin finish foundation -
this gives low coverage but its a shimmery mineral foundation -think Bare Escentuals mineral foundation
its specifically formulated for dry skins but it can be worn by anyone as its a light moussey formula.
This is also available in a new compact version now  which is just as nice and best for people on the go or prefer compacts.

If you want any reviews on any foundations etc -let me know
but remember to check the existing posts about these foundations in previous posts, probably listed under MAC or Foundations concealers and powders.

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Products I took on week long holiday

I recently went on holiday, well, I stayed over at my parents house and these are the products I took for my useage (I did however take more products for blog posts etc that are not in this picture)
I thought you might be interested in seeing some of the stuff I use for travelling although my travel products tend to vary, on one trip I realised the majority of my products were by benefit -lol thats how goof proof their products are once you look beyond the childish packaging.

I took all of my products in the Gosh professional train case
it also has extra storage on top and a mirror

Clinique three step (this was the ambassadors kit I was sent) travel size
Estee lauder - Spotlight
YSL eye pen
Garnier tinted under eye roll on in light
Smashbox -Primer with demaxyl,
 Smashbox pore primer, 
Smashbox Healthy FX high definition foundation -L3
Smashbox Halo powder foundation -light 
Mac paintpot in painterly
Bobbi brown gel liner in black
Nails inc A&E
OPI nail envy 
no7 nail polish in frosted pink
MAC zoom lash mascara -I <3 
MAC dazzleglass in Money honey (love the name)
Cargo essential eye palette 
Self made lipstick palette (back)
ELF quad with lipsticks in it
set of Urban Decay mini 24/7 liners inc zero mini eco tools brush kit 
High street lipsticks that I have blogged about before
Gosh Darling, Maybelline baby brown and 2 beige shades, and 4 maybelline colour lipsticks Revlon nude lipstick.
Eyelashe curlers are from the bodyshop from a ltd ed set (featured in previous post)
There is no way in the world that I am travelling with my gold Shu uemura lash curler
. . . on second thoughts I would take it in secured carriage if I ever migrate or move houses
Ohh and for similar purposes I took my Sigma professional brush set in brush roll (not pictured)

Things in the lid that cannot be seen -sorry!
Cargo lash activator mascara -original 
Mac Stud brow pencil
Mac sublime culture lipliner 
Estee lauder double wear liquid eyeliner inBlack
YSL touche eclat

BTW there are 3 random eyeshadows that can be seen in boxes as I went to debenhams the day I took this pic and bought 2 mac shadows and 1from Smashbox

I hope this post was helpful and I have alot of belated posts coming up sorry for being mia 

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Thursday, 7 October 2010

A look at Mac birds and berries and De-vil eyeshadows

MAC eyeshadow in Birds and berries a teal-ish shade from the liberty of london collection limited edition veluxe pearl
MAC eyeshadow in De-vil a red -ish copper -ish bronze -ish shade from the Venemous Villains collection limited edition veluxe pearl

I didnt even know that these two were both the same texture I just looked at de-vil and thought Id try it with Birds and berries super happy with both colours Im glad I bought them

I have done a Face of the day with this combo in my previous post!

FOTD:- Mac birds and berries and De-Vil look

 YES! The good news is that I got Birds and berries! the bad news is that I had to pay twice the original price for it thank you very much miss Amiras beauty blog!
I originally didnt get it because I have MAC teal pigment and its quite similar and the pigment is the most amazing teal and nothing can beat it, but, its a pigment so its loose and messy and I dont use it as much as Id like to for this reason, rspecially as as I usually have my now two year old tugging at me whilst im doing my makeup and asking for 'lipgoss' and 'liptik' she even has her own baby products on my dresser table
so Im glad Ive got this in pressed form as I can use teal more often -yay -vote for me!

Anyhow I have been wanting Mac coppering eyeshadow for a while now and as the new MAC venemous Villains collection had a dupe for Coppering I chose the limited edition instead its called De-vil when I got devil home and opened it I immediately thought Mac birds and berries from the Liberty of london collection and yes I do think that they look Bee-you-tee-full together! perfect partners, almost a marriage made in heaven

On to the look
Please read below for products used for this look

Products Used

Smashbox demaxyl photo finish primer
Nars sheer glow foundation 
Mac msfn medium
Lancome flash concealer pen
Mac Peachykeen blush

Painterly painpot
Mac Birds and berries shadow from liberty of london on lid
Mac De-vil shadow from venemous villains in crease
Cargo dark brown shadow from essential palette in outer corner V
Mac pale gold shimmer colour from fafi quad 2 as highlight on browbone
Shavata brow pencil Dusk -my 100% perfect match 
Estee lauder Artists eye pencil liner 01 softsmudge black on inner lower rim
Revlon grow luscious  by fabulash Mascara 001 blackest black

Smashbox lipliner all over lips in smashing tint
Mac lipstick in freckletone 

I hope you all like this look 
I will definitely wear this combo again 

theres alot of new products that I have used in this look
so let me know if you want anything swatched or reviewed

Im just waiting for the first half of my venemous villains stuffies to arrive and Ill do a complete haul??
but ive already tweeted a pic of the stuff I bought from Debenhams today incase you are interested you are welcome to see that -Im surprised that I spent £100 in store as I have already ordered stuff online eeeeeehhhhh!
my twitter user name is raspcherry you are most welcome to follow me 

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