Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Review :- Carine Roitfeld face kit and lipstick

MAC Desert Camouflage face kit  and Tropical mist lipstick

I was quite late in getting these items I spent a lot of time humming and aahing 
before I finally took the plunge and bought this. 

I do think I'm currently having a carbon overdose not only is it in my personal neutral fifteen eyeshadow pro palette but it is also in my quad that I custom made to enhance other palettes and looks. 
Now because mac has added it into about at least three palettes or kits that I own I'm abit sick of having carbon in my quads and palettes. 
I know some other wonders of this palette would have preferred a brown in this palette, personally I would accept almost anything from navy blue to baby pink!

My main reason for purchasing this kit was to keep on hand incase I wanted to do a quick touch up or add colour to an otherwise bland look.

The quad contains four shades sahara dust- a nice cream coloured highlight shade, cactus thorn a nice  olive shade for the lid which reminds me of patina, Desert a somewhat mauve brown which works beautifully in the crease , and then carbon which is a boring black.

I have swatched all four eyeshadows above in the order of 
carbon, desert, cactus thorn, sahara dust.

above the eyeshadow swatches you can see sand storm swatched which is a creme blend blush, a gorgeous perfectly natural blush shade to sculpt the cheeks. 

And above the blush you can see the lipstick in tropical mist swatched 

Ive labelled this picture to help you all to see all of the shades, can you see the lipstick
the shiny patch/line across my hand, yes, indeed that is the lipstick.

After purchasing the lipstick (online) and after trying it on and being a little confused, I decided to check out reviews online, I stumbled across temptalias review (as you do)  and she talks about how she doesn't feel that macs description of sheer matches the product and she says its more translucent to which I absolutely agree, the one thing that I felt couldn't be right is that she said it was drying, I was thinking its clear, it has no colour if its not moisturising then what is it ?
so I tried it on as my lipstick of the day, and I carried it with me everywhere I went, the school run, the mall etc and for the first time ever I found myself reapplying this lipstick without looking in the mirror and seeing colour fade it was more for moisturisation purposes because my lips felt bare dry! 

Im abit unsure as to what I should do with this lipstick as it has no colour at all so its not like other lipsticks where you can mix and match for colour effects. 

Did you buy anything from this collection? 
Any ideas for this damn lipstick?? 

BTW the packaging is very pretty and functional ! 



Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New year Back to MAC

Throughout the second half of last year 2012 I have been really good at using up the products from my existing collection. I had put myself on a beauty-spending ban since my collection would be enough to last me a lifetime. 
And besides post-accident I was not really able to apply much makeup or do many beauty treatments anyway, infact just daily maintenance was such a struggle in itself.

I usually back to mac every 3 months but this quarter I managed twelve items. 

I used up a lot of my mac items as follows 

Brush cleanser
fix plus
face and body foundation c3
fluid line gel liner black track
studio fix foundation powder NC35
Hue lipstick 

Tinted lip conditioner 
Zoom lash mascara 
Select cover up nw25
Select cover up NC35
Opulash mascara 
Face and body foundation C4

I back to mac 'ed for 
costa chic frost lipstick
Brave satin lipstick 

any recommendations for future lipsticks ? 



Monday, 21 January 2013

BirchBox UK edition

Was it BirchBox that started the whole monthly beauty box subscription service in the USA?
I really think it was, And then in the UK we had services like Glossybox and Joliebox, well now Joliebox has been bought by the american birchbox.

My first ever BirchBox january 2013

In my box 

Wei white lotus moisture rich eye blend 2ml sample
Tea pigs tummy tonic caffeine free tea bag
Fresh sugar rose tinted lip treatment spf15 2.2g
Kms free shape quick blow dry 30ml
Taaj paris hand cream 30ml

Im hoping that I will be able to try out some more international brands that are not available in the UK through my monthly birchbox. 

Im most excited about 
The fresh sugar lip treatment since its raved about by various bloggers. its a cute dinky purse friendly size, its rose tinted and I love everything roses, btw I thought ill just put it out there that it screws open and shut rather than a standard lipstick or lip balm. 

Tea pigs tummy tonic sample, my sample is a standard peppermint which is great for detoxing and as an after dinner drink i wish there were a few different flavours to try out. 

Im equally happy about the wei eye cream as I'm always looking for a good eye cream now that I've crossed 30, I always use my GHDs so I'm always happy to use anything that would enhance their effect such as the KMS quick blow dry. The Taaj hand cream is also nice to have and try.

I would love to know what you got in your birch box now uk or usa !

Or you can check out the UK birchbox here 



First GlossyBox of 2013

January 2013 edition 

This box is labelled as the detox box. I don't think that the items in the box completely fit that label except for the face exfoliator and face mask.  

 Contents of my box 

Duck Island Body lotion 
Monu Aromatic mask 
Elemis skin glow exfoliating face wash 
Jason lips bee healthy
Paul Mitchell super strong daily shampoo
Glossy box 'glossy dreams' eye mask

Im most excited about  the elemis exfoliator as I love elemis products from their high end range and wanted to try something from this younger skin range too. 

Im also really glad to receive the eye mask as i was planning on buying a new one since all of mines have gone for walks and have still not returned! I really need these as I'm a complete insomniac and they can sometimes help me to fall asleep quicker. 

And of course the paul mitchell shampoo, I do use some paul mitchell products currently from the skinny range, the only thing is I'm extremely OCD about using matching products especially when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, it would have been nice to have received both of them even f that meant half sizes of each.

You can checkout the UK glossybox here

Do you use any of these items? 
What did you get in your glossybox this month?