Friday, 6 November 2009

New Computer and stuff

OK, so you guys probably know that I have made a recent change to Mac from standard Windows. The change has not been easy but it was very important to set myself up with equipment that was suitable for my needs -

first of all Ive noted that my Macbook does not come equipped with any media card reader slots which is a shame as I love to take pictures with my Digital Cameras and use the memory card directly in my PC or to save downloaded music directly from my PC to a memory card to listen to on another PC such as a laptop or Netbook or even to play the music on the memory card directly on my Cars stereo which also plays CDs and anything USB.

I am on the lookout for a good USB media card reader/writer, Ive ordered one that was dirt cheap off of ebay from a Japan based seller but based on the price I dont know how good it will be.

Also I purchased a USB drive from boots about 2 or 4 GB memory for £15 I thought it would be good to transfer pics from my cameras MMC to my netbook onto the USB drive and then onto my macbook -sheer torture!

anyhow the USB drive is so gimmicky, its quite crap! it has a flap at the end which lifts up and the USB part is below and is so thin that it randomly dislodges itself although I dont see it doing this I get error messages that the USB device should have been disabled before removing it. Im thinking about taking it back if I can find the reciept in time for my next visit to Boots. I have taken a picture of the drive just so that you can avoid buying it.

I have now ordered a new USB drive that looks really pretty from QVC it reminds me of the old Models Prefer lipstick that Stacey scheifflin made out of some weird metal, this drive is apprently bullet proof -lol! not that, that means anything to me but it can fit on a keyring and also it was the only one that QVC had at the time, Plus they offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee which applies to everything that they sell, even on makeup! I think this should be the case for every retailer, but they are too busy making their own rules like 'sorry we dont offer refunds, just exchanges that to within 7/14 days if the item has not been used . . grrrr!

I have also purchased a new HP premium 3 in 1 printer that offers wireless printing via wifi, bluetooth, memory card slot. It has a huge footprint, the box it came in was over a metre tall. Ohh and the damn driver disk was broken I called QVC about it and the guy suggested I download the driver, I called back and was told someone will call about a replacement driver disk but this has not yet happened. I will have to call them again about that.

Ohh and Ive purchased a new camcorder. Its a Canon FS200 these currently retail for between £210- £300 I paid £260 for mines because I got it from QVC with a camera case and 4GB memory card ohh and the piece of mind of their 30 day money back guarantee. So if im not able to take good makeup pictures and good makeup tutorials it will have to go back.

My previous one although it wasnt very good to start with had developed a fault and stopped taking still pics, It was a JVC everio. they are not very good and I would definitely not recommend to another makeup guru as they do not give clarity of colours indoors, however used outdoors I managed to get some good pics with it. Mines was the type that used memory cards for storage and my parents own a similar model that has a built in hard drive but the video quality was the same and both are low resolution for both pictures and video.

Ohh I also have a contract with o2 for an Iphone. Its my first iphone there are things that I both love and hate about it, I chose the white option as its rarer due to only being available in the larger memory sizes, I chose the 32GB although I have not yet put much on it.

And I also got my first Ipod touch In the 16gb option, Its a great toy to have on hand, Ill have to give it that! for games and music.

Unfortunately neither my new Iphone or my Ipod touch work on my Alarm/Ipod dock/speakers -which is such a shame so my old nano is still sitting on that.

I will be doing reviews on all of the products I have mentioned as I feel its always useful to get a girl users opinion on these things if possible before buying something new.
And the fact that Im a technical manager should hopefully give you a tad bit more confidence in my judgements on any technology I review

I hope you have enjoyed my blog entry for today

Raspcherry XxXxX

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