Sunday, 8 November 2009

A Promise to blog more

I know I have not been blogging as much as I can or should but Im just having technical difficulties, first my very very expensive desktop died on me and im unsure of how to get a repair on it sorted as I thought that I was covered for any breakdowns but apparently I have only paid for 4 years of hardware cover which does not cover software issues, The PC is a dell PC and the media drive on it CD/DVD/R/RW had broken down so badly it had jammed and was half sticking out it would not even close, so I waited a week for the replacement media drive to arrive and once it had I installed it myself even though I had paid for hardware cover. Anyhow to get it to work it needed drivers etc, but whatever the cause was for the drive to stop working hadthe whole PC more or less frozen so to get support on re-installing the media drive I needed to pay for additional software cover. It probably wasnt the best choice in the circumstances but I then purchased a new Macbook, which is quite nice and Im getting on OK with it, however learning to use it with its different ways is a whole new world, I have prchased great software for it such as ilife, iworks, and notebook but I ve been completely brain washed by PCs running windows, but Im definitely not going to let a gadget get the best of me.
I will be putting up more video's on youtube and I will definitely be blogging more.

I hope to speak to you soon

Raspcherry XxXxX

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