Friday, 16 March 2012

Swatches :- Some revlon red lipsticks

I thought id stick up some swatches of the most popular revlon red lipsticks as theres always alot of questions in regarding how similar and different the shades are. 

Shades swatched 
- Revlon Fire and Ice 720
- Revlon Red 730
- Revlon Cherries in the Snow 440

Revlon red and fire and ice are quite similar but i think revlon is a more true red and more lustrous 
fire and ice is slightly cooler tones and slightly more matte
Cherries in the snow is an almost red super hot fuschia pink

All three lipsticks are creme formulas from the revlon super lustrous collection 

I think theres always alot of talk about red lipsticks 
it can cause alot of confusion 
my personal thoughts is to try the shade you are attracted to 
swatch it on your hand, do you still like it ? 
ifso -go for it. 
If not - try again !
Since im nt a particularlu red lipstick girl I think high street or drug store lipsticks are best for me considering a pay per wear basis!

I have some more red lipstick swatches from other high street brands to follow shortly 
Available from boots and superdrug

Do you have any of these ? 



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Mariyam ABAG said...

Revlon red is one of my favourites :)