Friday, 16 March 2012

My Winter Obsession - Lush bath bombs and ballistics

I love love love love Bubble baths 
When given a choice i usually pick bubble baths over alot of things 

My life is so hectic 
bubble baths really allow me to have some calm and rest in a day 
it truely is my one indulgence 

Lush bath products have become part of my winter routine since they are more enjoyable in cold winter evenings 

I tend to go for my all time favourites 
Bath bombs:- Butter balls, Honey Bee, Vanilla Fountain.
Bubble bars :- The comforter, Creamy candy.
Soaps :- Rockstar, Honey I washed the kids. 

Ive also used other hair, body and skincare products that I will leave for another post since this is a bath post :)

This winter Ive gone out of my comfort zone and tried some new lush products.

I cant remember the names of all of these but the ones I know are :- The ginger bread cottage, Dorothy, Green bubbleroon (made to look like a macaroon but apparently made to soothe headaches!) also the chunk of soap is the scentenary soap from the 100th lush store opening anniversary celebration worldwide. buy from Lush

Have you tried any of these ?
What are your lush must haves ?




fashion meets art said...

wonderful post!
wish you a nice weekend <3
lovely greets
maren anita

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Lea said...

Don't they just look good enough to eat? I can't wait for a nice long Lush bath tomorrow :)

Lea x