Tuesday, 25 September 2012

An update:- Where has Raspcherry been??

 Hello my lovelies!
 I know that I have been away for the longest time ever.
Unfortunately on the 27th june 2012 me and the children were in a car crash, I was stopped at a pedestrian crossing to allow someone to cross, the next moment I was hit by a speeding car, I was immediately knocked out unconscious but luckily I came around quite quickly, I was taken to hospital and diagnosed with head injury, whip lash, concussion and musculoskeletal injury from my neck all down my back and down my right arm through to my hand and fingers.
 both kids hit their heads and were whiplashed too but are recovering and otherwise quite well now.
Fortunately it seems I took most of the the blow and came out the most injured as opposed to my children suffering such injurys, like any other loving mother I always pray for my childrens safety and happiness and that I would  gladly stand in the way and accept any danger before it touches my children, It seems my prayers came true.

 Since the accident i've just been busy caring for my children, I've not really been able to take any specific rest as a busy mum, so I've not had time to blog etc also my injurys have made this difficult,I keep forgetting my train of thought, lose concentration, forget things,  plus I've been having alot of confusion etc due to the blow to my head, but I've managed to survive through trying to organise myself with a diary, leaving post it sticky notes to myself, setting alarms on my iphone, to-do-lists on my ipad etc. the other problem is that my movements are very limited, I cant bend my back much, I cant turn my head much, and I find it very difficult to grab and hold things and move my right arm very much as it literally got crushed in the accident.

Also I had returned to study earlier in the year, when I embarked on a law degree which is why my blog posts became alot less frequent. Unfortunately I've had to take a break from this as I had a coursework assignment due at about the time of the accident and my brain had gone blank of all the learning I had done.

All of my family and close friends know me as gadget girl, and true to this name I tend to carry alot of my gadget babies around with me and on the day of the accident most of babys got damaged in the car including, my macbooks, ipads, iphone, kindle, my camera, my 600d DSLR, as well as my fave D&G sunglasses, and the back of my car was completely crushed :(

So thats where I have been, I've completely been away from the world of blogging and I have no idea whats been going on as I've not been online much other than to liaise with the insurance companys etc

Please do let me know whats been going on, what you've been up to I'd love to know.

Im hoping to start blogging again, i'm still on extreme painkillers so I think I can manage to try and blog alot more.



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