Thursday, 8 December 2011

My Current SkinCare Routine - Face

I generally have very dry skin but Ive learned to make it normal combination but 
My Skin had been behaving really badly in October, I used to have about 1 breakout or spot in a year throughout my teens and about once a month in more recent years due to time of the month etc if you know what I mean.
Then in november i felt it was time to go back to basics or Back to Clinique in my case to sort out this problem.

But rathe than going out Shopping, I decided to go through my inventory and I found everything I needed and more.
BTW Im considering doing A Beauty-Buy-Ban! Because I have way too much beauty products!
And I did not post up this years birthday haul which was as huge as last years birthday haul
I have had a request to put it up so I will hopefully do that soon.

On to the skincare and my current routine
I have left out some products which are my add ons for when and if needed but these products are the ones that im mainly using on a daily basis.

MakeUp Removal 
Clinique Take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes and lips.
I soak a little cotton pad with this to remove the most of my eye makeup, and lips if im wearing a strong colour.  Or if Im wearing alot of makeup I will use my own home blended Cleansing Oil.
Or I might use one of my trusty no7 quick thinking wipes instead.
I use the Clinique liquid facial soap mild with a liz earle muslin cloth, or no7 cleansing sponge Exfoliate
I use my cleanser with Cliniques manual exfoliating brush or my Tresonic ( Clarisonic dupe) or use the Clinique 7 day scrub cream. I do this once a week or every other day depending on the condition of my skin.
I use Clinique Clarifying lotion in mild or no 1 on a cotton pad in circular motions all over my face avoiding eyes and lips (as pictured above) Im not a big fan of toner, I prefer splashing lots of water or spritzing some liz earle instant boost skin tonic but right now im on a clinique 3 step routine.
Im currently using Avene eau thermale spring water soothing serum to keep my skin soothed and hydrated. I apply 1 pump all over my cleansed and toned face.
Im trying to use up my final supply of prescriptives super line preventor for eyes, eye cream otherwise Ill use Clinique all about eyes eye cream
I apply a tiny bit of Clinique dramatically different gel or lotion all over my face and neck
Because I suffer from dry flaky skin I apply a teeny touch of Clinique Moisture surge extra thirsty skin relief to my nose and any other dry patches or I will apply Decleor Aromessence  oil instead.
Then I use Clinique Superdefence Moisturiser spf25 for dry skin all over my face and neck to give additional moisturisation and sun protection even in winter.
Clinique all about lips or Clinique superbalm moisturising gloss or decleor lipbalm or Gale Hayman lip lift or any other lipbalm I happen to grab hold of.

There are other bits and bobs, and other products that Im using but this is the main or the most of it, If you want to know what else im using, just let me know and I'll post that up too.

I have been on this routine for a couple of weeks now and my skin is doing well :)

And thats it for my skincare and then Im ready for my Makeup routine which will start from either primer or tinted moisturiser or both.

I hope this was helpful or interesting, I'd love to know what your using and what works for you regardleess of your skin type or age.


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Lions and Tigers and Make-up said...

Clinique skincare is absolutely amazing!
I use the 3-step kit on a daily basis and it's completely transformed my skin, now it's always glowing and healthy no matter what!