Saturday, 10 January 2015

Benefit Puff off eye gel to help smooth the look of puffs

Im sure everyone has noticed that my biggest beauty problem is probably my puffy eyes. I always, always, always seem to have puffy eyes now and I'm not sure why. I have tried practically every product available for puffy eyes over the years including some extremely expensive vey high end products, which I will probably review shortly for you if you want me to.

This post however is for benefits new Puff off instant eye gel.
I've had it for almost a week now, I managed to order one for myself pre-launch online.
I will do a more thorough review shortly but heres my first thought on the product.

Ofcourse all of benefits products come in pretty unique packaging, this eye gel also comes in a quirky tube with a little iron shaped foot to smooth out puffs. The tube itself is really dinky and comes in a small cardboard box containing a leaflet.

Puff off comes in a 10ml size which is a third less than a standard eye product which are normally 15ml so that was quite disappointing, the gel is a light baby pink white sheeny shade if that makes sense lol. the formula to me is more silicone than gel so this will be great for disguising lines rather than puffiness, the iron shaped tip is quite cooling and refreshing though I haven't experienced a completely deputed eye yet and mines are the puffiest!

At just over twenty pounds I wouldn't say this is cheap especially as its only 10ml in size, but if it does make my puffy eyes 'puff off' over a longer term period I would say its worth it, however I will have to keep you tuned for those results as I'm still waiting myself as I've not had immediate results sadly.

The puff off will be available shortly at all of Benefits retailers soon, I think it will be at the end of the month or the start of february 2015 in all of the usual Benefit retailers here, here, here.,here and here.

I have used all of the traditional methods for puffy eyes and I've not had any spectacular results using any of cold spoons, cucumbers, tea bags, arnica gel, gel eye masks, if you have extreme puffy eyes and you have found a product that works for you please do share!! I'll love you forever!! I promise!!

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