Saturday, 7 April 2012

HOTD:- loose swirly curls

My top favourite hair tool has to be my GHD flat iron hair stylers 
I have quite a few as back ups I love them that much that I almost started collecting them -yes, sadly its true! 
But I realied my mistake and thankfully I have stopped. 
(I have already reviewed my GHDs if you are interested)

I do like the various different looks that I can create with my GHDs but I wanted to try out a Yogi conical styling wand (let me know if you want me to review this. 

IOf all the looks I have tried with the yogi wand 
this look is my favourite 
very spirally but still loose curls -ohh how I wish I could wake up to hair like this!

(BTW this pic was also taken in the winter and it was just starting to snow so you can see a few iddy biddy snow flakes against my dark hair )

What do you think ? 



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