Sunday, 22 April 2012

Storage tip:- candle jar brush holder

I always love a good storage tip and thought I'd share this tip on my blog since I tweeted it along time ago and Im aware that not all of my twitter followers follow my blog and vice versa.

This post is about how I store my sigma brushes 

I was given the above candle by my sister, and at first I did not want to use it because I knew it would eventually finish but then I realised that Id probably be able to still use it as decoration or storage 

Over the last few years it has stored various makeup items 
makeup pencils such as eyeliners and lipliners  but since last year it has been holding my sigma brushes 

Its really easy to do 
You simply wait for the candle to burn down 
if you burn your candles with care your candles should burn equally down 
(let me know if you want tips on candle burning)
and the bottom should be virtually bare except for a metal wick holding base 
and any light bits of wax are easily scraped off. 

and you can store cosmetics, stationary or even jewellery. 

I have various different jars to hold all sorts of shizzles :)

Do you have any good storage tips ?? 




HailesHeartsFashion said...

Hmmm :/ that is difficult. Well when my sister moved out to University (quite a few years back)I seriously needed a bin for my room so I took her lamp shade from her room, put a shopping bag in it and used it as a bin haha not sure if that is quite what you were hoping for! Great tip though :)


** raspcherry .. said...

@hailesheartsfashion OMG! thats Amazing, Hilariou and functional. Love it !


kirstyb said...

i need all the storage tips that i can get

kirstyb said...

im currently using a jam jar

Anonymous said...

super cute tip! i actually do that too with the candle jars. great blog girl ;)