Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Fantastic fashion goodies

I was just shopping in town
and had to pop into the new Select store that has just opened
as I used to shop there in my teens
(when I was skinny back in the days - aahhh the memories)

I picked up a pair of jeggings to wear with my summer dresses, long tees and Kurta tops or kaftans
A gorgeous gold bag that reminds me of my Louis Vuitton speedy 25 that is now too small for me as I have to carry alot of toddler things though I can down size but I dont want to spoil my bag with baby foods and toiletries etc
I actually bought this bag to take to my trip to Southall as there are alot of pick pocket-ers and I dont want any of my expensive bags spoilt or damaged

Sorry -I didnt realise the pic of these earrings came out so bad :(

2 of my favorite semi precious stones are Rose quartz and Turquoise
although these are cheap fashion earrings they go very nicely with my semi precious jewellery

I am also a huge fan of big earrings

and also a fan of hoop earrings

I like both earrings equally -do you have a favourite?

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Anonymous said...

pretty earrings!