Wednesday, 2 June 2010

MAC to the beach beauty buys

MAC to the beach collection , haul and thoughts and bits that have snuck in from other collections

Sweet and punchy
Free to be -liberty of london


Im such a baby I play with my makeup more than I use it
but you have to admit it looks pretty!

here you can see the limited edition packaging from both Mac to the beach and Mac liberty of london

The world famous Mac bag

From the above picture
I have 1 powder bronze
1 cream bronze
1 lustre drops
and I already have both brushes
the 130 is my fave foundation brush
and the 131 is what I use for my Chanel bronze universal
I didnt get the body oil -though I tried it in my hair -but it wasnt all that I prefer more natural hair oils such as nuxe all over oil which is available in plain and bronze shimmer

the Cream bronzer is in the orange packaging with a clear lid
and the powder bronzer is in the green packaging with a covered lid
the lustre drops in sun rush are a pretty peach gold shade and can be used in many different ways and are more travel friendly than my Chanel illuminator
The paintpot is a party crasher called coral crepe from the pret a papier collection

I pictured the bottoms not because Im a perve but so that you can see the details of the above mentioned products

I got these items online from the pro store

Im not a big fan of the colours chosen for the packaging they could have been prettier but they stand out and are easier to reach out to

I did not go for the pencils as they are not eligible for back to mac and I already have lots of liners for both lips and eyes

The beaauty powder is gimmicky as the sea horse is spryed on and its matte below and beauty powders last a long long long long time as you can use them forever and barely make a dent.

I bought both blushes in hipness an amazing coral and get away bronze a dark brown

I love the splashing gloss which is a perfect pink with gold pearls

I didnt like the green avacado nail polish it reminds me of the wicked witch of the west from the wizard of oz
the other coral shade one was gorgeous and is the same as OPI -your such a kabuki queen
I have featured it in a previous post

I bought 3 of the eye shaodws -I already have humid

I did like the lipsticks but I have too many the prettiest are the lustre light pink and also the bronze toned one -which Im still tempted to get

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