Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Review: Lancome Hypnose Drama, Le crayon khol, Bi facil, Art liner

I have used both Lancomes Hypnose and Hypnose drama
Both are great
The difference between the two are subtle when it comes to effect but the drama has a huge brush
I only like mascaras that give length and volume
the whole point in me wearing mascara is to enhance my lashes
I dont care if I look like I have mascara on just that my lashes look huge
I have sensitive eyes and This mascara is non agitating
I can use this from root to tip and not have a problem
even the wand is a good size and shape that really lets you comfortably apply your mascara
The actual tube is shaped to get a comfortable hold using either hand
it is abit pricey but if you are looking for a high volume none agitating mascara from a luxury brand then try this one and let me know your thoughts

The picture also shows Bi-facil eye makeup remover which is a bi or dual phase makeup remover for the eyes. Which is an award wining eye makeup remover.
It really has stood the test of time, and has had many brands follow this formula
-again pricey 0but if you are looking for a eye makeup remover from a higher brand I give you the thumbs up

Lancome le crayon Khol
This is a really good eyeliner one of the few that I recommend
and one of the very few that I can use on my inner rim without agitation
You can get a good precise line with this, or smudge it for a smokey effect its pretty long lasting and does not need a scourer to take it off

Lancome Art liner
I have been using Lancome artliner for years now
these are a felt tipped liqud eyeliner
probably not best for beginners
the felt tip is smooth and are great to get a medium line and my famous signature flick
I usually get both black and brown -The brown has a gorgeous bronze shimmer
the Loreal liquid liner is an affordable dupe of this

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