Thursday, 24 June 2010

A sneak peak at some of my OPI collection

OPI is a salon brand I think its an American brand originally but its in almost every country that retails high end cosmetics
I have been using OPI for years now.
I think each bottle retails for £10 - £11

I think the best way to describe OPI nail lacquer (never call it a polish or varnish or Lena White the owner/founder will slap your hand) as being very similar to MAC Eyeshadows or Lipsticks
Available in a huge assortment of colours, finishes and consistencies and new limited edition collections every season

If you dont know what colours are on trend you can safely follow the OPI collections

OPI also collaborate with various 3rd parties similar to MAC to provide special limited edition collections.

Previous collaborations include
-Legally blonde
-Alice in wonderland
-Breast cancer care

I think theres a shrek collection coming up soon -lol

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