Friday, 16 July 2010

Why I will never buy from GAME shop unless Im desperate . . .

Ok, so if you know me, you will know that I am quite a geek, I love all things technical. From Mobile phones to Computers and PDAs and Consoles I could go on forever and ever about my ever growing collection of amazing gadgets.

With the amount of games I buy it would only make sense for me to open a games account and get a games loyalty card (which you have to buy unlike other loyalty card schemes such as tesco, debenhams, nectar, boots) unfortunately Ive found that the points system is not very high in value where as a £300 spend will get you about £5 in points value.

Where as others offer -
tesco clubcard is a point per pound spent
Boots is 4 points per pound spent (the most) and loads of promos for bonus points
unsure of nectar
DebenhamsBeauty card is a point per pound under £25 spent and 3 points over £25 spent (but they do promos that give you £5 in points over £25 spend -I love to shop on these days :) !)

Anyhow yesterday (Thursday 15 July) I bought a new Wii package consisting of Wii console, Wii sports and Wii sports resort and Wii fit plus as well as extra remotes etc for me to play on with my kids in my own room

When I got home I realised that the box had been tampered with and the contents were not sealed and had bits missing such as the safety cover on the plug and also the Wii remote was missing, I connected only the Wii to see if it was working but although it was powering it was not working despite hours of checking, rechecking, tweaking settings, re-starts, resets etc
I then packed it all up feeling extremely disappointed to take it back to the store for exchange.

In The Store

I explained all of this to the sales guy and asked for an exchange.

He took my neatly packed box from me opened it all up all over the floor and tried to connect it all, he opened all the seals on the wires etc ( I only ever take off these seals when I am satisfied the item is working) and told me the Wii was switching on and he could see the start screen but didnt show it working any further, I had explained that it had not worked on 2 TV's I had tried at home -ofcourse he told me my TVs were faulty! so he could not refund me.
He then tried to pack the box with as much care as a baboon would apply and was shoving and squeezing and bending and ripping the box and contents.

The other staff in the store kept kicking my Wii, box, and contents aside to make room for their big feet whilst they were serving their customers.

I asked to speak to the manager -as you do!
whom was just as annoying and said that as the Wii was showing the 1st screen (no further did he try) he could not exchange my item for me.
I again explained to him (about 10 times -I kid you not)
that the box was not sealed and had obvious signs of tampering and had things missing and is faulty as did not work on my TV.
He told me to look for the remotes at my house and that as it was working on his screen he could not help further.

This took up over an hour of my precious time

I watched him pack up my box struggling and further roughing up the box and kindly told him that he had left out a wire, he then opened the box and stuffed in the wire.
I then pointed to the stand on the floor and kindly told him that he had also left out the stand he then reopened the box and stuffed in the stand.

He bagged up the box and told me that I would not be able to get an exchange so I asked for a refund as at this point I have quite had enough from the game shop and would prefer to purchase from a shop with better customer relations and care.

Anyhow I took names
The Assistant Manager was Tony
and the General manager was Graeme
the store was Bristol Cabot Circus -A store Im quite new to.

I called the Game customer service number on 0871 594 0066
and explained everything to customer services on option 'for anything else'
The customer service rep (damn me I forgot to take his name) told me that the managers should have refunded me as items were missing and the box had been tampered with and that I was eligible for a gesture of good will games voucher with value of £5 (alot in Game terms considering you have to spend £300 to get that much in points)

anyhow so he said I can go to another store or I can send the faulty Wii back to customer service by calling them directly.

FYI - the game reciept says 'Game offer an exchange or refund on items returned within 28 days of purchase.

I will keep you all in the loop x


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