Saturday, 1 January 2011

Favourite accessory of 2010

This is a really important watch for me 
I bought it as a gift for myself from my children 
when I had my daughter now aged 2
this watch has been on my wrist at all times throughout the year and has not really left my wrist for long 
through the year 

This watch is available from Debenhams for £120

I absolutely love it, its by Guess from the marciano collection, it goes perfectly with my complete wardrobe as  its gold toned and crystals all around the face and each number of the clock has a mark so you can actually use it to tell the time !
the watch is amazing quality wise, I havent even had to change the battery yet, its gold plated which is amazing for me as I have sensitive skin and can only wear gold jewellery or in some cases high quality silver or platinum.
I hate designer watches for the reason that they are less of a time piece and more of a piece of jewellery
for me this is both and the added bonus is that it has sentimental value as its from the time I had bubby.

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