Thursday, 6 January 2011

Haul:- MAC Cham pale and mickey contractor

Sorry to say that I have been really bad at sharing my beauty purchases with you all. 
I know its a favourite type of post for many!

I have yet to share with you my Venemous villains purchases as well as my holiday collection purchases 
and ALOT of non MAC stuffys as well including too faced, Urban decay, Chanel, YSL, Dior and all of that!

I promise to do this shortly

So the new collections of Cham pale and Mickey contractor launched at Debenhms today so I obviously had to be there 1st day (im often the 1st to swatch fresh products -the feeling of it is like the sweet smell of freshly baked bread!)

But sorry to say my review is often the last to go up :(

I had kind of researched what I thought I wanted but often these items are different in reality and other products present themselves better.

I am the queen of neutral and cham pale screams out neutral, but I really went over bored on warm and cozy collection and ive still not even touched some of those items.

I am going to think about whether 'I need' any of the other items as this year I dont want to spend as much money on makeup as my collection is so big its about 40 drawers including skincare and toiletries.

I was not going to miss out on the 2 eyeliners being
MAC khol in I get no kick
MAC khol power in feline
both limited edition from the cham pale collection

Im surprised that feline was not in the previous fabulous felines collection as the name suits and also not in the hello kitty collection again because of the name -ahh well whats in a name?

I also thought I was going to get the oomph shadow from mickey contractor collection and i still might but Rani really spoke out to me it was my 2nd eyeshadow choice but I never thought I would leave oomph for Rani, but Rani is so me, its pink, its pigmented, its a frost so its shimmery and basically that shouts out my requirements for a shadow (although all of my shadows dont have to be pink)

I have had my eyes on dainty mineralize blush for ages now but its been sold out on the UK mac website but it had been sold out for ages so I picked it up in debenhams.

One word ( . . . or a few) on the Mickey contractor collection if you are asian/olive skintoned seriously check it out, this guy seems to know his stuff, the range is gorgeous and compliments asian skintones.
I feel like Ive had a nice chocolate I have the urge to go back to get more.

The stylishly yours collection was not in store so I was really upset about that so Ill have to make purchases online!

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