Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My latest louis vuitton dilemma

If you havent already guessed Im really into brands and designers 
what can I say Im just a girl that likes quality
and Im at that point in my life where I deserve to have treats for myself 
after all I work very very hard!

Im a good girl I dont indulge in any bad habits 
-so why not??

I loved this little bag sooo sooo much
It has just enough space for my necessities and I can be quite minimalistic 
and as Im quite petite I carry off smaller lady like bags very well

Even after bubby was born I still chose to carry a louis vuitton
but again this bag is on the small-ish size 
and babys need alot of things carried with them

So my current dilemma is which louis vuitton do I go for this year ?
Let me know if you have a louis vuitton or whichever bag you are carrying 
and your suggestions 

PS I have already had a louis vuitton papillion, speedy, greta, tivoli so preferably im looking for suggestions outside of these , unless you are going to recommend a different speedy for example that you have had and love.

Also I have a huge wishlist that I am working my way through so I dont want to spend all that I have on a bag just a cut of it -lol

Let me know your thoughts

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