Monday, 7 March 2011

Review:- Revlon precision lash adhesive

I was so glad when revlon launched this new eyelash glue I had to pick it up immediately
as always I really like to use a product for a while before i stick up a review
and I feel that it has been along time now so that is why I am putting up this review

The revlon precision lash adhesive is great to carry in your makeup bag for those of you who regularly wear cosmetic faux lashes.

The container is best described similar to a mascara, there is no wand at the end but the tip is suitable for applying lash glue to your lashes.

The glue is a white pearlescent, you simply apply a thin layer to the lashes and wait for it to go tacky and for the pearlescent to disappear and then you apply your lashes either with an applicator or your fingers.

It really is that easy!

Its affordable at over £5 I cannot remember the exact price (as always)

And its available from Boots and possibly superdrugs and anywhere else that sells revlon.

I hope this is a helpful post for all of you

Raspcherry X

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