Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Soap and Glory goodies

As it gets cold again its good to treat oneself with some lovely beauty care products.
 Im currently testing out some soap and glory goodies which I bought from boots.

Here are some of the products that I have bought, I had to test out the great kisser lip balms
Theyre petroleum based but they smell great, the peachy one smells like apricot conditioner, really zesty, fruity, apricot. The coconut is lovely too, and vanilla has a pinky gold sheen think Mac rubenesque paint pot.

Im also really into handcream right now, probably due to the fact that I've really neglected myself over the past year (boo-hoo) The Hand food cream is not too thick and not too light so its ok to use during the day. its especially  great after being out in the cold/inside in the heating and after having hands in and out of water it also smells nice which is always a plus.

The Smooch operator is really hard and waxy as opposed to gooey, soft and glossy like the great kisser lip balms, Ironically I thought the smooth operator would be my night treatment but due to the surprising texture I feel its better under a lipstick during the day.

The Heel genius was a real surpriser i was expecting basically something the same/similar to the hand food but this foot cream is completely different, for starters its a minty colour, a very light gel-like texture and smaells lovely. I love that it contains fruit acids to gently slough away at any dead skin, between foot exfoliation treatments.  Also that it contains Allantoin which calms and soothes, now which busy girl or mum does not need that?

All products available from boots here 

Which soap and glory products are you loving? 
Have you tried any of these? 



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