Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Raspcherry finally Shatters !

The whole world has been crackling etc for such a long time 
but I just could not get into it 
It just reminds me of messy nail polish 
but done correctly in the right combination i have seen some very pretty pictures 
but I felt maybe its something very school - girl like 

But I finally Crack-led when I picked up a gold nails inc nails effect polish 
but I still did not use it and Ive had it a few months now 

And earlier this week I purchased the OPI gold shatter and finally used it over my OPI Malaga Wine
I think its a gorgeous combination 
perfect for christmas or any asian bride or bollywood style outfit 

For comparison i will try and do a nails inc crackle so you can see the two together 

Would love to know/ see some of your combos <3


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