Monday, 25 March 2013

Review:- Dior Celebration Collection

Im absolutely loving these items right now 
they were special limited edition items for the christmas holiday season 

The dior eyeshadow palette is all inclusive it includes everything you need for a complete eye look 
Eye primer, Tinted brown eye gel,  three eyeshadows, an eyeliner and two applicators with huge mirror it comes in a velvet pouch with a mini mascara.

The lip palette comes with a lip primer/balm three lipsticks in baby pink, peach, and hot pink shades, a hot pink lip pencil (I think it should have contained a neutral, nude or spice  lip pencil)

The brush kit contains a powder foundation brush, a blush brush, eyeshadow brush, and a lip brush. the kit comes in its own brush case which has its good and bad points, the worst thing is the long ribbon thing to wrap around it, the good point is the extra storage within the roll, it even has a zipped compartment to hold small products. I love that it has a powder foundation brush rather than a liquid foundation brush as previous sets had, because you can always use your fingers to apply a liquid foundation if needed but you are more likely to reapply powder foundations or setting and blotting powders on the go.

I purchased the items from debenhams and boots theyve probably sold out by now but Dior do amazing collections all the time so its worth keeping an eye out for them if you like any of these items. 

any thoughts?




ReNu said...

How lovely! J'adore both palettes (pun intended) and want them!
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Salihah M said...

I love these products!
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