Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Baby essentials Haul

Coz even babies have beauty routines!
and their toiletries occupy our bags!

Im super careful of what I use on my kids 
not just because babys have delicate skins anyway, but my kids have inherited my super sensitive dry eczema prone skin.
And also that Im such a snob when it comes to the things I use on myself that its only fair to use similar quality products on them. 

Bubby my 2 year old can get quite colic-y so I use Avent bottles they are about £7 per bottle but they are made in a way that prevents windy and reflux problems in babys, -Does it work? I really think it does I picked a pack of 3 for £5 bottles for her and they just leaked and gave her colic.

I also love Infacol drops -the packaging is perfect because its a dropper and so you dont need a spoon to feed it to baby, and you can give it after every feed and its so mild its suitable from birth, whereas gripe water you have to wait for 3/4 months. (not pictured)

Bubby is a complete pampers baby not only is it a good quality but on special packs (see sticker on above pack)  you are actually paying for a child in the third world to have a vaccine, pampers pays a portion from each special pack to UNICEF the amount for a vaccine for a baby.
we all take vaccines for granted but babys out there can survive baby illnesses and injurys and have a chance to life.

Simple wipes are really good, they are not just dermatologically tested as most brands advertise but they are actually also paediatrician approved! Me and bubby actually share these they are great for makeup removal, I have super sensitive skin so I can get slight stinging on the eye area.
but its also great to use to wipe your makeup brushes clean on. and they cost only £2 also the simple baby range now features the cute me to you teddy bear.

Simple talc is fragrance free so gain its really good for sensitive skins, you can also use this on yourself on your body to absorb excess oils and sweat etc, and also a light dusting on the roots of your hair for people with greasy hair, also you can use this to set your makeup as most makeup powders are talc based anyway and again this item only costs £2.

Im new to this nuby sports drink bottle
I bought it whilst it was on offer at boots, but Im rather pleased with myself, its a no spill type of bottle which is fantastic for mums with babys as babys always spill everything so its one less thing to worry about!

Bepanthen cream is so good but it is expensive -about £4 for a tiny tube as above, I usually buy the bepanthen wipes but even they are about £4 for something measly like 12 mini wipes, the whole point in these wipes is that they are impregnated with baby nappy rash cream, the cream is good for travel in the tube or in the wipes, but generally for at home use Ive always sworn by Sudocrem, Ive recently also tried out the simple nappy rash cream which is also good and so is the johnsons one.
ohh nappy rash creams can be used on sores or rashes on adults as well.

other products the baby uses are shared products between me and her such as liz earle, decleor, loccitane, E45, Aveeno and body shop.

I hope that this post was interesting and helpful

feel free to request anything specific

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Malisha said...

Simple wipes are super!
I love using them on my baby and for removing my makeup!

Malisha x