Thursday, 23 December 2010

REVIEW:- Too faced naked eye palette v too faced natural eye palette

I bought the natural eye palette less than a week before the naked eye palette was released
the naked eye palette on the right, is more warmer shades such as golds and bronzes
where as the naked palette on the left is more neutrals and taupes
the natural eye palette is for people who love their sparkly or bling looks where as the naked is more for people who prefer smokey looks

although any person can use any palette for their own personal preference and tastes just as a guide

for those of you who like things in MAC terms -
Naked is best for skin tones nw/nc upto nc35
Natural is best for skin tones nw/nc from nc35 and above

and in general skin tone terms
Naked is best for the fairest skin tones to medium skin tones
Natural is best for medium to deepest darkest skin tones

and celebrity examples
naked would be keira knightley, anne hathaway, emily blunt to cheryl cole
natural would be aishwariya rai, jennifer lopez, kim kardashian, tyra banks, to Iman.

I think shimmer eye colours such as golds and metallics look amazing on deep brown asian and black  afro caribbean skin tones just because of the way darker skins absorb light.

I suggest nude pinky beige lips and pinky and neutral based blush with the naked palette

I suggest bronze and peach toned blush and lips and you can really go out on the lips with this palette, red lips look amazing with gold eyes especially for the christmas season and asian festivals such as eid, diwali and weddings.

The palettes are great for those starting in makeup as well because there are three look-cards in each palette, hidden in the lid -although I would have preferred a mirror!
Urban Decay are really good at providing mirrors in their palettes and I feel that this is one place where too faced is really slacking

'to too faced if you are reading this I strongly suggest mirrors in your compacts it really makes life easier for us busy girls always on the go!'

ofcourse you dont have to follow the looks you can make your own combo's which I always do!

I hope you found this review helpful

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G A B Y said...

Wow, that was very helpful as I'm still not sure if I want the Naked or the Natural palette. I'm contemplating gettung one now and maybe the other later... But "skin tones nw/nc upto nc35" tells me nothing... call me noob LOL? Thanks!!