Friday, 24 December 2010

Haul:- MAC pro palette eye shadows

I was feeling abit greedy and decided to get a bunch of shadow refills in pro pans to add to my palette collections 
they are all shades that Ive had my eyes on for a while but ended up delaying 

I took pictures at the time 
but did not list the shades at the time -silly me!

Off the top of my head I remember the following shades 
Chrome yellow
Brick red 
Pink freeze
Swiss chocolate
Bottle green
Shadowy lady 
Indian ink

lol, thats almost enough to fill a palette!
its a funny combo so dont worry they all went into different palettes
a few of the above colours I already had in seperate pans or as part of a kit 
I just wanted them in palette form as well :)
like I said I was feeling greedy and felt like I deserved abit of a treat 

Thanx for stopping by x

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