Friday, 24 December 2010

REVIEW:- MAC full coverage foundation

This is macs most heaviest duty foundation
ofcourse I had to try it out for myself

This foundation is solid hard
its even harder than studio tech foundation, and I thought that was hard.
the full coverage foundation is really pigmented 
and you are at risk of looking like you are wearing a mask
I strongly suggest you go up a foundation shade on this foundation so that you dont look ghost like 
I would say if I had to be 100% accurate I would be NC26 if it existed
NC25 is a touch light and NC27 is extremely pink so I often happily use NC30 or NC25 I even have mineralize satinfinish in NC40 to give me no makeup glowy summer tan look!
as my goto no nonsense shade as its  darker in winter and about right in summer or with some faux tan 
The foundation has no spf although its so thick its going to create some sort of barrier but I always advise using atleast SPF15 all year round I use spf 25, 40, 50+ in summer 
This foundation is best suited to people like me who have serious pigmentation and scars 
if you only have a couple of marks use a concealer as this foundation will not be worth it as it will give you a cakey look

best applied with a wet disposable sponge 
as a brush will leave teeny tiny microscopic little hairy bits on the actual foundation
or apply to your face with fingers in small light dabs and smooth out with a damp brush
I say damp because you will get a smoother finish rather than a cakey look 
or you can use this as a concealer on your face not on the under eyes area as using thick products will give you life long eye bags -A bag for life !! supermarket style!

under eye area should only be covered with special under eye concealer unless its a one off very special occasion ie your wedding, school, college, or uni picture days after exams etc 

I cant remember exactly how much this costed but its a huge 28g which makes it totally worth it!

let me know if you've used this or if you know any other great coverage products that you feel that I should atleast try 

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