Friday, 11 October 2013

New in:- You Beauty discovery box

This is my first ever beauty box from you beauty, which is the new sister company of latest in beauty
You beauty boxes cost just £6.95 per box per month and you have the option to log onto the website before items are despatched and choose 2 of 4 items that will be sent to you which makes this box very unique alongside the price of this box in comparison to other beauty boxes.
I chose the compact Tangle teaser and noble isle bubble bath since I love bubble baths and I can rely on myself to use up a bubble bath much quicker than any other item.

Items in my box
Tangle teaser
Noble isle bubble bath
You beauty mirror
Nakd cocoa orange bar

I am very happy with the contents of my boxes, I have already eaten the cocoa bar  which has a hint of taste of terrys chocolate orange  for the most part it tastes of the dried up mushed fruit that it is made up of.

Other boxes I subscribe to are Glossy box  and Birch box

Have you tried you beauty boxes ?




Amanda Baillie said...

I have just subscribed to you beauty, looking forward to receiving my goodies. I subscribed to Glossybox last year started off great then it got not so good. My favourite is the latest in beauty where you can chose your items.


Amanda Baillie

** raspcherry .. said...

@Amanda Bailie I also like latest in beauty, and love that you can choose items, this can however make the boxes quite expensive.

beano54 said...

I want to get a box but so many to choose from