Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bourjois happy light foundation is back with friends and family!

Bourjois happy light foundation currently available for £7.99 normal RRP will be £11.99

This must be one of the most best high street/drugstore product launches if not the best ever! 
im so excited that bourjois has bought back happy light foundation, this was my foundation of choice until they discontinued it. 
It applied nicely, looked fresh and non mask light, had spf15 (I think) 
and came in a tube so great for travel. 
but that must have been about 16 years ago!

I think the formula has changed somewhat and no longer has spf protection, the packaging has clearly changed and now has a pump dispenser, I think the tube was better although I love pumps but tubes are easier for travel and I think every brand should have one tube choice available for travel purposes. 

The coverage is quite light, and luminous, alot lighter that the other foundations pictured namely healthy mix foundation and healthy mix serum, I think that the 10 hour sleep effect offers the most coverage. 

There are two happy light primers, Im normally dry skin but recently ive had acne, and now, oiliness so ive opted for the matte primer which works quite well, ive used it under the foundation and mixed with the foundation. I still want to try the other primer also.
The healthy light concealer only comes in two choices I chose the more yellow toned one no 21 ivoire

You can see the other bourgeois items that I have purchased myself to try, I try to avoid buying high street makeup as it is so accessible and I build up a huge collection very quickly and when I have clearouts I tend to give away bags of new high street makeup free to family and friends which is actually hundreds of pounds of product, but its much easier than parting with products from Chanel and Dior for example.  
So a few years back I banned myself from buying drugstore makeup for this reason, but the high street has really changed and some products now are matching their high end competitors 

I have pictured some of my bourjois collection, I do have some more products, but they can wait until future posts, funnily the one item I do not have is my all time holy grail item which is the bourjois liquid eyeliner, and I have seen they have a newer version of it which looks fab, it has pink packaging and a rubber on the top too- yes a rubber, where makeup meets stationary lol!

Products pictured
 Bourjois delice de soleil bronzing powder no 14 olive tanned skins
 Bourjois blush no 41 healthy mix
 Bourjois eclat mineral radiance no 05 dore
 Bourjois healthy mix correcting concealer no 52 medium
 Bourjois healthy mix foundation no 53 light beige
 Bourjois healthy mix serum gel foundation no 53 light beige
 Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation no 74 beige
 Bourjois happy light  foundation no 52 light beige
 Bourjois happy light matte serum primer
 Bourjois flower perfection translucent smoothing primer
 Bourjois happy light ultra covering concealer no 21 ivoire
 Bourjois healthy balance unifying powder no 53 light beige

Bourjois products are available here

What products from the bourjois line are you using ? 



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