Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Alice in wonderland ltd ed palette by urban decay

This is my first Urban decay book of shadows.
Simply because I have so much makeup but I did not want to miss out on this one.

Its a collaboration between disney and Urban decay.
16 amazing colours, 2 eyeliners including the famous 'zero' black and a mini Urban decay primer potion.
If you already have any of the book of shadows you may want to give this a miss as they are all similar-ish in the colour content, unless of course you are a collector and you want back ups.
I placed my order for my Alice in wonderland book of shadows the day it launched because I definitely did not want to miss out and be left thinking should-of could-of would-of!

the pic above was from google, as Im feeling a little lazy but I promise to give you actual pics and looks using this.

BTw Im sad that Ive not had the chance to watch the movie yet but Im hoping to see it soon, Im also considering getting the alice in wonderland collection from OPI.

have you seen the movie or bought any of the Alice in wonderland products?

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Samia said...

This is my first time reading your blog...I also bought this book of shadows just so I wouldn't miss out lol. So far, I've only messed with Vorpal and Mushroom for a smokey eye with Mad Hatter in the crease. I'm glad I got this palette even though it was on a whim because the colours are so pigmented, they are worth it. I liked the movie, especially the actress who played Alice and the imagery was imaginative and beautiful. It's not worth watching at the theatre unless in 3D, however. I'm liking your blog so far...I've just started my own and hope you have the time to check it out http://4elegancesake.blogspot.com/
and maybe follow