Saturday, 13 March 2010

Review: Estee Lauder Idealist dual action refinishing treatment

Estee lauder Idealist dual action refinishing treatment 75ml £35

As a huge fan of Estee Lauders Idealist range specifically, I was tempted to try this product when it was launched a few years back and here is my review:-

This is an all in 1 microdermabrasion at home kit.
But do not use this product lightly it is an actual glycolic peel and has a high level of active ingredients.
It is often described as a mask but I would call it an exfoliator.

Definitely read the instructions and follow carefully as this is a very strong and potent product.

When you use this you feel it heat on the skin instantly.
Honestly it feels like you put a hot solution on your face!

With my super sensitive dry skin I would only use this for the shortest time before an important event.

This product is great to refresh your complexion it exfoliates and brightens your skin and over time works on fine lines and wrinkles for a younger appearance although its hard for me to prove this as Im quite young myself-lol.

I have not repurchased this item and would not recommend it to anyone with very sensitive skin.

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