Saturday, 16 October 2010

Wanna press your pigments and loose shadows?

Ummm, well I really wanted to as well, I thought it would be very convenient to have all of my Barry M loose shadows pressed into a MAC Palette so that they are easier and more convenient to use.
So I went through the effort of importing empty pans and magnets from a seller in USA and pressed each shadow and I was really happy.
Unfortunately all shadows are weaker in this type of cheap magnet held palette anyway.
but loose powders hand pressed are even weaker and can smash with each tiny little knock.

 The below palette managed to protect its contents more -maybe because its lighter in weight? or maybe because it was used less?
The top palette holds my favourite colours.
Ohh btw pressing can effect the shade of the pigments they may get prettier or worsten but either way their can be a difference.

I hope you found this helpful

Raspcherry X

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