Saturday, 16 October 2010

Pure eyeshadow palettes

This is my Collection of pure palettes
I found these at boots the first one I purchased was the party which is the colourful one at the bottom 

They are small, slim and sleek palettes so they are ideal for travel
and i think these three palettes together will fulfil most peoples personal needs 

one is a smokey palette for nights out 
one is a neutral palette for everyday 
and one is a vibrant coloured one for playful
ofcourse you can mix and match the shades 

These shadows are well pigmented and cost about £10-£15 (cant remember now)
the palette does come with a crummy sponge tip applicator but haleluya it has a brush on the other end 
which is good for emergencies, as I definitely believe it decent brushes 
The palettes also have full size mirrors which I feel every makeup palette should have 
I get so annoyed with palettes that are missing mirrors 
like one of my new faves the too faced natural eye palette (review and fotd coming soon)

Amazingly Ive never heard anything said or done about this brand though Im quite keen on it.

I have a few other pieces from this brand but these are my only palettes 

I think it might be available via Asos now but please dont hold me to that 

Do you have anything from this brand ?? 

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Raspcherry X

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Christine said...

im loving these colors, so pretty <3

x Christine