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REVIEW:- Revlon colorstay V Revlon Colorstay

Hehe its funny how Ill run out and buy something the day it launches yet it may take months or even a year to blog about it, well in my defence I like to get a true understanding of the product by using it long enough to really understand the products.

So here goes - Revlon has two varieties in the liquid colorstay foundation range, one is normal dry skin and the other oily combination, if you have alot of breakouts and very uneven skintone and scarring goto the oily combination. If you have dry skin or just normal skin with the odd spot here and there go for the normal dry option, both options are Oil-free. I think the oily option does not have or has very little spf where as the normal one has an spf of 15.
This foundation is a thick foundation and provides quite a high coverage, even more coverage in the oily option as it has more powder pigment.
This product is often compared to MACs studio fix fluid foundation.

To be honest as long as you are using the right skincare you can use either option to suit you as even the shades differ slightly between the two options.

This foundation only requires setting with a transparent powder, however it does dry matte.

I dislike that it does not come with a pump, but its suited to a sponge application so you turn it over on a sponge can be dry, or wet for more sheer coverage, and you will not have wastage and dripping as the bottle can get quite messy from turning and tipping.

This foundations screams out Chanel pro lumiere rip off which is a foundation made to look good in all lights, Lancome has now continued with this theory with their latest foundation.

Photoready comes in just the one formula which suits all skin types and is available in less shades I think 7? or something like that. Its much thinner and comes in (sound the trumpets) a pump

This is lighter in texture so its good for those who do not like the feel of a heavier makeup and it has sparkles in it, not huge chunks of glitter but think mac mineralize satinfinish foundation or peeking into a jar of opened bare escentuals mineral foundation.

it has a spf of 20 but bare in mind makeup SPF differs to a proper sunblock so dont expect to come home peachy toned after a day in the sun you will burn but it should last indoors with small trips outdoors ie a day at the office or college or daylong in cooler weather.

BTW incase you are interested -the shades above are suitable for someone between NC25 to NC30 in mac shades. ie light medium, asian golden yellow undertones.
If you are NC30 to NC35 try 06 medium beige.

 but please swatch your face with no makeup on and go outside the shop with a mirror its better to look silly for a minute than looking stupid day after day.
I have been swatched in bad lighting at expensive counters like clinique and gone out in public looking pink or grey or a recent mac mis-swatch orange-can you say oompa loompa? yukh!

Some Raspcherry Gossip-
One girl in my office who is light skin toned much lighter than me used to powder her face with a cheap highstreet powder I think it was collection 2000 (nothing wrong with the powder itself) but it was the lightest shade and she kept powdering her face again and again and again.
Moral is if it was the right shade she would have only looked 50% bad not 100% bad.

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Get Gawjus! said...

I recently got photoready and love it to bits! Puts most MAC foundations to shame imo. Need to try photoready now. Good you mentioned, now I know which shade to get :)


ShyCheeeks said...

hmm i hope to find revlon colorstay in pakistan :)
..please check and follow my blog aswell, :)