Saturday, 16 October 2010

Designer Fashion Haul

I am super into fashion 
I always have been 
from trend setting to designing and creating my own garments 
to being obsessed with labels 
yet it seems Ive not really focused on fashion 
I hope this post is the start of a new section of my blog 

If this post is well accepted Ill do lots more fashion posts 

 Boot cut jeans from Ralph lauren 
I adjusted the bottoms as I do not want them to get dirty and damaged! 

 Lilac Tshirt from Hilfiger jeans I got it coz it was really pretty but i try to avoid Hilfiger since I heard rumours that the man is racist !
However I did not see him say this but I still prefer to be safe nastyness is not accepted!

Vibrant purple grape shade polo sport polo shirt -I love!

 Another purple tshirt featuring Pretty sequinned USA flag 

 The back of the purple polo shirt , I like the no3 as its relevant to me 

 2 plain polo shirts for casual wear in black and in navy

Vibrant yellow Tshirt also from Ralph lauren 

Pretty sandal shoes with kitten heels (meow) by Dolce and Gabbana

I hope you liked this post 
I had fun shopping ;)

Raspcherry X

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Get Gawjus! said...

OMG! those D & G heels are to die for! Simply stunning. Love all your polo stuff too. I've heard that about TH too you nw :S