Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My October GlossyBox 2012

The October Glossybox just arrived about an hour ago in perfect timing for me to blog about it. 

Theres also a cute little breast cancer support sticker but none of the items specifically relate to breast cancer care or special editions. 

 Its titled 'DIY Beauty' and I was expecting alot of masks and scrubs and facial or bodycare types of items, but I dont think that theres alot of DIY products in there other than the body scrub.

Items in the box 
Anatomicals dont just clean it woman, scrub it, body scrub 
Skinetica Anti blemish
Dr.Jart + premium BB beauty balm all in one wonder spf40
Olay Regenerist 3 point treatment cream
Yves Rocher moisturising cream lipstick 106 Mauve 

The BB Cream seems quite pale its actually neutral undertoned but luckily its very sheer and sinks straight in. could work on light to medium skin tones but might look ashy on dark to deep skintones. 
It reminds me of clinique city block sheer spf25. I do wish that this item was in one of the summer glossyboxes though this would make a great on the go, or holiday bag item.

I was quite excited to see that the lipstick shade I was sent is mauve but mauve can be translated so differently from brand to brand if you consider that mac describes the shade 'snob' as 'a ladylike mauve' but I feel its a very cool light pinky shade. 
This is a deeper mauve quite neutral brown with plummy undertone, the lipstick is very creamy and I feel that the shade is perfect for this Autumn winter season I think that i will slip this lipstick straight into my handbag for on the go, although its not a wear-with-everything lipstick shade but its  a nice colour to have in addition to other shades that i'm currently carrying. 
It also reminds me of my new Chanel lipstick in Charactere.

I hope this was helpful, Do you get the glossybox, Ifso whats in your box?




Helen X said...

My October glossybox was waiting for me when I got home today :) I've had the scrub, anti blemish and bb cream the same as you, but I've had a Sally Hansen nail polish and yves rocher moisturiser. Kinda wish I'd have had the lipstick though! Check out my blog flawlesskisses.blogspot.com cos ill be doing a review if the products soon. I hope you enjoy yours! Xxx

** raspcherry .. said...

@ Helen x, I'm glad I got the lipstick its always nice to have a makeup item and this one was a good one too, the Sally Hansen nail polish sounds nice too x

Will check out your blog.
Raspcherry xoxo

Lisa said...

I had a lipstick in Red, meh. I really wanted to try the BB Cream. Typical it's the only thing I didn't get aha xx

** raspcherry .. said...

@ Lisa , it's crazy how that always happens, I really wanted the hd brows tweezers but I got something random in its place..