Sunday, 21 October 2012

A look inside my august Jolie box

Inside my August 2012 JolieBox

Dr bronners Magic all in one soaps 
I received three samples of these soaps, currently ive put them aside for when I travel. 

Jolie song card
A downloadable credit for the song on the card
did you download yours, did you like this song??

Phil Smith dry clean revitalising dry shampoo
My hair and scalp tend to be on the drier side so I dont use these products plus I feel that they are abit of a gimmick as you can just use baby powder to absorb any oil on your hair roots. 

Cut by fred 
I didnt get this product, let me know if youve managed to do anything special with yours. to me its just a ribbon, and I tend to not use ribbons as they dont provide me with the hold my voluminous hair requires. I am thinking friendship bracelets and jewellery though!

So susan lip cushion 
this came in very pretty packaging that was alot bigger than the lipbalm so I thought I was going to find something big, but its a nice small dinky container with a pink tinted glittery lip balm 

So susan wide awake palette 
Susan is the lady behind Jelly pong pong, Im not sure if shes sold that business but shes back using her own name now and with similar products. 
This palette contains two cream makeups to use as camouflage one is an illuminator for under eyes and the other is a highlighter to use on cheeks and other parts of your face that you would want to highlight.  It also contains a brow kit however the brow powders are actually shimmery shades of smokey plum and moss green, I've not been tempted to use this palette yet i may save it for gift time as i feel it may not be for me which is a shame as I like the idea of it even though concealers and brows are a rare combination. 

Do you use any of these products ?? 



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