Friday, 19 August 2011

Apologies and a shoutout

Hi All!!

I have missed blogging for all of my loyal followers

but I have my reasons -I promise!

As well as being a busy mom etc I have been super annoyed with my blog in itself

It sounds weird but my blog has been STUCK

I could not make relevant changes to my blog and it really made me feel upset it kind of made me feel like my blog was not mine since I could not control it.
And since I created my blog as a release from the outside world to share my thoughts and makeup and beauty obsessions, likes and dislikes with other like minded girls and peoples The disorder in my blog felt it was not fulfilling its purpose in my life and it was a real turn off since I could not get my true thoughts out to you all.

However i did not move away from blogging i did create another blog but due to technical problems it is lost yet hanging in cyber-space.

So then created another blog ( ) and all was going well and I tried new things that I would be scared to do on this blog but I was missing all of you.

So I have spent the last few days trying, trialling and erroring and tweaking this blog so i can get my backside back on here

unfortunately in the end I had to cut my losses and start afresh

I also want to give a shoutout to my twitter girl Techspidergirl who took out her time to look into the html coding

you can follow Ana here!/techspidergirl

Techspidergirl is a web developer and designer, graphic designer and a blogger herself
she is available to help out with your blog and website for a reasonable $5 per hour if she can fix the problem for you
her web address is

Thank you all for your patience and support

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