Sunday, 21 August 2011

Chanel launches new eyelash curlers

Anything Chanel does is high end and usually high quality 

But for many years the title of best eye lash curlers has been held highly by Shu Uemura 
who make very high end and high quality cosmetics, skincare, accessories and tools.

So . . . . . 
 which is better? 
and which should you get?
should you get the Chanel eyelash curlers if you already have the shu uemura ones??

Well luckily I took along my Shu Uemura lash curlers to my local Chanel counter in boots at the Mall to investigate  . . . . . 

Held side by side they are EXACTLY the same !
same size etc 

The main difference was that mines were gold plated and the chanel ones were Chanel-esque black 

Which do you have ??



Katie said...

I have neither but always been interested in the shu uemura ones. Are they any good? I currently have the Tweezerman for Benefit curlers. x

..raspcherry.. said...

@katie yeah they are good, but not amazing theyre about the same as my clinique limited edition one, I tried to check out the benefit ones in store the other day but the girl was abit snooty so will try again, I will be posting actual pics of my gold shu uemuras vs the chanel ones and might include my clinique ones and any others I can find x

Katie said...

Thanks to getting back to me. I hate it when people are like that in shops, its like at the end of the day am practically paying your wages if you buy something. haha. Can't wait for that post, I will be reading it. x