Sunday, 7 August 2011

Laura Mercier Premier Beauty Collection

Beauty is in the bag. This classic cosmetic bag holds everything you need for a great new look, plus a special exclusive preview of Tightline Cake Eye Liner in a limited-edition shade. There are so many different makeup looks you can create with this versatile colour mix for eyes, cheeks and lips. Also included, a flawless Foundation Primer, a Double-Ended Professional Brush, a Mini-Mascara, and a “Look Card” with application tips and techniques. It’s chic and portable – perfect for touch-ups on the go!
Premiere Colour Collection includes:
  • Mini Foundation Primer (30ml)
  • Tightline Cake Eye Liner in Ground Espresso (1.4g)
  • Eye Colour Duo in Dusk/Chocolate (2.5g)
  • Lip Glac√© in Pink Lilac (2.8g)
  • Mini Black Full Blown Volume Lash Building Mascara (5.7g)
  • Double-Ended Pony Tail/Flat Eye Liner Brush
  • Cosmetic Bag

This Collection was said to be exclusive to John Lewis in the UK
And I first saw it at my local John Lewis counter and absolutely fell in love with this Collection
It is a complete colour collection
the only thing the collection needs is your own face products such as foundation and concealer and blusher
This set was released as a launch for Laura Merciers new tight liner collection
which is now available in quite a few colours and in case you are unsure
Tight lining is the name given to the lining of the upper inner rim or upper waterline or the upper inner lid

The Lipgloss is a gorgeous pink, in my opinion the perfect pink, neither too light or too bright and is exclusive to this kit only !

The Shadow and the tight liner can both be popped out of the individual compacts to fit into a laura mercier professional palette

The shadows are a gorgeous duo compact
the lighter colour is a shimmery lavender with a golden pearl similar to Mac trax eyeshadow but not an exact dupe
The darker shadow is a very deep chocolate plum

I do have this collection and I will be posting actual photos, face of the day, and swatches etc very soon


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